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Participation in political politics, should always be geared at making life more meaningful for the vulnerables and the downtrodden the in the society. Doing otherwise is inimical retrogressive in nature.

In other to make Remo Federal Constituency to work more efficiency and hospitable business friendly with meaningful Federal Government presence, it is imperative to commission, reliable personalities to take charge of our common wealth.

And such individuals must conduct themselves with utmost dignity, discipline and also play by the rules.
We must not be ummindful that many people are going through financial difficulties, health challenges and psychological trials due to economical downturn and uncertainty.

We need to do everything humanly possible to get it right by giving support to a selfless morally and economically stable, youthful and vibrant individual, in other to put an end to recurring misrepresentation of the past.

We need to come together as a genuine progressives with the sole aims of realising long term dreams and aspirations of our forefathers, and the most outstanding personality now is Olanrewaju Michael George (OMG).

Olanrewaju is the new face of masses that cut across political divide, religion, tribe and age.
He is a complete REMO SON, GENTLE MAN and a SILENT ACHIEVER to the core.

SUPPORT OLANREWAJU MICHAEL GEORGE as a Member House of Representative, Remo Federal Constituency, 2023.

OMG…Fun idagbasoke Ile Remo

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