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Leadership is doing the right things- Olanrewaju Michael George (OMG).

Leadership is the ability of an individual to lead, inspire and guide to transform other individuals, groups, organizations or society for a good cause. Olanrewaju Michael George is equipped with all the above good attributes of a good leader to represent Remo Federal Constituency in the House of Representatives come 2023.

Peter Drucker says, “Management is doing things right; Leadership is doing the right things.” When we see all the right thing that OMG has brought to the development of Remoland, it’s manifestos are on the continuation of the good things that OMG is doing in Ogun State and Remo Federal Constituency.

Even Mark Skousen says, “We shall never change our political leaders until we change the people who elect them.” Hence its important as citizens to elect the right leader who can create transformation.

Citizens should elect leaders considering their ability and capability to make a difference and add value to the society. It’s Olanrewaju Michael George responsibility to make a difference that citizens are looking for.

But surprisingly today’s politicians say, “They are going to do one thing while they intend to do another. Then they do neither what they said nor what they intended.”

Olanrewaju Micheal George is a political leader who is capable to take decisions, determined to work for the betterment, has the willingness to manage & rectify issues and importantly stand up for what is right. OMG will not be worried about his position, power and authority. He will always work for the growth of the society and add value to his citizens.

Olanrewaju Michael George inherit the skills and research capabilities to think and act towards future growth. OMG have five major virtues: Discipline, Trustworthiness, Courage, Humaneness, Intelligence.

Olanrewaju Michael George is always on top of everyone’s mind because he is in the news always for one reason or the other. Around the world there are many aspiring political leaders but unfortunately, there are few leaders who live up to the ethics and principles likes of OMG.

“The future lies with those wise political leaders who realize that the great public is interested more in Government than in Politics.”

– Franklin D. Roosevelt

Olanrewaju Michael George is okay, OMG is cool for the job in representing the good people of Remo Federal Constituency at the green chamber in 2023.

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