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Four Elements Of Dominion – By Apst. Monty Abraham, New Glory Assembly

Summary of Sunday Sermon

Topic: Four Elements Of Dominion

Text: Genesis 1:26-28.

The Bible is a book that contains all knowledge pertaining to life. The Bible is given to us as the Revelation of God to man, and it’s filled with principles of life, when you follow it you become successful.

God created you to succeed. The intention of God primarily is to give man dominion, to give you the power to rule; to reign over situations and circumstances that was His intention, nothing could Subdue you, nothing could rule you, dominate, conquer, or defeat you.

God want you to dominate, but the question is, do you have what it takes to dominate?
No one came to this world without being empowered by God to dominate.
However, there are four tools God has given to man to dominate.

1. Be Fruitful:- The word of God is powerful. So when God is saying be fruitful, He is giving you the Spiritual energy to produce fruit. God empowers you to be fruitful. When you plant an orange tree your expectation is to see that orange tree produce fruits. Thus, to be fruitful is to see the result of your effort. God has empowered you to be fruitful, what He wants from you is to put in some effort in whatever you are doing to achieve that expected result.
If the blessings of God upon your life has not make your neighbours to envy you, then that blessing has not reflected the kind of God we serve.
2. To Multiply:- To Multiply is to increase in number and in quantity. So, for you to gain increase in life you have to improve on your quality; because Quantity follows after Quality.
Before you take decisions that will work, you have to take inventory of your life. If you are a principled person it will be difficult for the devil to reign over you, because most times the enemy rides on our useless character to manipulate us. You can only succeed in life when you live a life of principles. Your life is meant to be regulated by principles.

3. To Replenish The Earth:- The Earth means your surroundings. Replenish is to make “Anew”. There’s nothing that you have in life that, if you do not maintain, will last. So if there’s anything of value that you have, maintain it; work on your relationship, business, whatever you are doing in life, you must consciously, consistently maintain it. You need to be creative and innovative to make it Anew. In this year 2022 think of maintaining that thing that is in your hands, revive it.

4. To Subdue The Earth:- To sudue means to take control, to be in charge. It means to take control of circumstances taking control of the environment. God told the children of Israel not to be like the nations around them.
We are not product of our Environment, we are the product of the word of God. Let situations be the way you want it to be. When there was darkness in Egypt, in Goshen there was light. So if you are occupying a position be in charge, in your business in whatever you’re doing.


Apst. Monty Abraham
New Glory Assembly

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