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Publish Your Proofs or Prepare to Face the Law. Southwest APC Youth Leadership to Peretei

The leadership of the Southwest APC Youth has called on the Public Relations Officer of the People’s Democratic Party Ondo State, Mr Kennedy Ikantu Peretei to publish his proof on the issue of malicious information published against Mr Babajide Akeredolu. Mr Peretei has claimed that Babajide uses proxy companies to collect contracts and loot the funds of the Ondo State Government.

The statement by the Southwest APC Youth Leadership, signed by Come. Kolade Paff Lawal refered to this claims as mischievous, malicious and untrue. It states “Peretei deliberately mixed lies with few information to misinform the general public”.

The statement states further; “For the avoidance of doubt, Mr Babajide Akeredolu is an Adult in Nigeria who reserves the right to have a company or have companies. However, Babajide is not connected to many of the companies mentioned by the writer in any ways. It is also important to note that even with the companies he has, he never took contracts from the government.

Mr Peretei is demanded within seven days to make public details of the contracts he claimed were collected by Babajide Akeredolu from the government, or his company, including the worth of the contracts and other necessary details.”

“Also, Mr Babajide Akeredolu is not connected in any way with some of those companies. If the writer feels otherwise, he can present his proof. Mr Babajide, through the services of the companies he has, has offered pro Bono services to the Ondo State Government to support his father and the records are there. We are not here to go into details of that. However, we demand Mr. Peretei within the next seven days to:

(1) Publish his proofs that Mr Babajide Akeredolu is the owner of the companies he claimed were collecting contracts from the government.

(2) The details of the claimed contracts.”

Comr Kolade Paff stated that failure to do the above stated within seven days, Mr Kennedy Ikantu Peretei should be prepared to face the legal consequence of his act; as it is uncivilized, to feel you can simply pick your pen and attack the image of other people all in the name of politics or political attention for your party.


Comr. Kolade Paff Lawal
APC southwest youth leader

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