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VALUAR -Ify Chegwe, Director Olanrewaju Omo George Foundation.

A search and rescue dog that disappeared five days ago is back home after she was spotted by a drone pilot. Juno, who helps track missing people with Norfolk Lowland Search and Rescue, vanished in Fritton Wood, near Gorleston-on-Sea, on 21 December in UK. She was found close to where she was last seen during a large-scale search on Monday morning.

These are rescue search that cost hundreds of thousands of pounds. DRONES, Helicopters, speed boats, thousands of people deployed to bush parts in search of a DOG,but Just to look for a missing Dog. But why add so much value for animals when we’ve got millions dying daily from starvation in Yemen, South Sudan, Syria, afghan , and other part of the world ?
Why do we have foundations to shelter homeless cats and street dogs in the Western world? when we’ve got millions of homeless people in underdeveloped nations and those kicked out of their rented apartments with their families for unpaid Rent Arrears.

The answer is VALUES! my people what we consider important to us. The western nation plan their system so well that Animals also have a respectable place in their society, not that dogs, cats and birds are valued more, but they’ve already taken good care of human needs . What we place as values in our nation should be those things that are of importance to our people, Empowerment. How many elected leaders place such values in their communities?

Why do we spray millions in parties and other social gatherings to millionaires who don’t really need the millions, while we’ve got millions of unemployed youths, drop out of school students, orphanage home that’s struggling to keep afloat ?, Kids Trading by the road side to feed parents, Should these be our Values or societal decay!?

“I’ve been incredibly emotional,” said owner Ian Danks, who had been out looking for Juno (Dog) every day. She doesn’t look bad, does she? We’ve got lots of leftover turkey, so she can have that, after a trip to the vets.”He said he had been “totally humbled” by the help from the community over Christmas. “

I keep on telling people I can’t believe how much people are doing for me and my family, and my dog. “But she’s not just a dog, she’s a member of Norfolk Lowland Search and Rescue.” All these for a Rescue Dog. But an important animal of value in the West. Do we value our state of helplessness in our nation?

We have to add value to ourselves, support those who come out to rescue through various humanitarian activities, those who help to empower our communities Through Education, skill acquisition, empowerment programs, micro loan support for small scale businesses as start up capital. Free Medicare and Economic basic Income (UBI) for the vulnerable in our communities.

Let’s Add Value to those things that are important to us. OMG Through self founding is empowering youths to learn how to fish, providing free medical care in Remo Land so our people will have good life. Educating and empowering Youths with necessary tools they need to be employable and self sufficient. These are the human values we should look for when we need a visionary leader.

TINCHED Temporal satisfaction and help build Remo Land with Olanrewaju Michael George (OMG) To add value to Humanity. These are the Values we should be looking for in a leader. As MADIBA said! “Education is the most powerful tool you can use to change the world”. It take a village to train a child according to our African parables.

However it’s also right In Swahili, the proverb “Asiye funzwa na mamae hufunzwa na ulimwengu” means roughly the “Whomsoever is not taught by the mother will be taught by the world.”Here OMG through his foundation we are Teaching Remo Children who have been forgotten by our mother land . Invest not into your pockets but in humanity. For it’s not the meal that ends today that matters! But but that which last forever according to Olanrewaju Michael George.

I’m OMG…

Ify Chegwe…🇳🇬

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