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Today in the ancient city of Remoland in Ogun state, the name OMG has become so familiar among the elderly, the less privileged and the youths living in the over thirty towns that made up the kingdom. This familiarity is for a good reason and a very uncommon one for that matter. His rise to prominence in the lives of the people can be attributed to his philanthropic works through his different Foundations.

Olanrewaju Michael George (OMG) is the founder of Olanrewaju Omo-George Foundation (OOGF), a reputable non-governmental organization touching the lives of people positively in Ogun state and beyond. He is also the founder of Amigmex Foundation, an organization that has transformed the lives of many traders, artisans and other individuals who are into different businesses. All these humane activities birthed the eulogy, “Atobatele ko to joba” by his admirers and praise singers which the meat of this piece is centred on.

Atobatele is a praise poetry often use among Yoruba speakers in Nigeria and other part of the world to express gratitude over a consistent good gestures exhibited by an individual. From time immemorial, people profess admiration when they are convinced about certain attributes of virtues seen in an individual like kings, legends heroes or even in places.

Atobatele ko to joba literary means one who was worthy to be a King before he became a king. A king demonstrates humility, ability, capacity, passion, courage and leadership. Any man who can demonstrate all these qualities is worthy of a king. To command is not just an attribute of a king as people deemed to have achieved enviable positions enjoy good followership and by virtues of that exercise certain control over their followers.

Our society is such that so many things are lacking and disorganized. We have people in kingship without the required qualities and people not in kingship with the required qualities. Meanwhile, kingship provides more opportunities for individual who deserves to be king to impact and gives succour to the people in his immediate environment and beyond.

Invariably, a man is what he gives and not what he is given which is what we have today in our society. Positions can be forcedly or deceitfully acquired but the capacity and all the qualities that makes a good leader cannot be forced.Just like the latin maxim that goes thus, “Nemo dat quod non habet”, which means you cannot give what you do not have. This is a sacred truth.

Another import to this praise poetry, Atobatele is that you can be a King without being in kingship. You are a king in as much as you can consistently and convincingly show the capacities expected and inherent in kings. Olanrewaju Michael George (OMG) has convincingly corroborated this claim that it is very possible to show and demonstrate leadership qualities without being in power. He has demonstrated capacity. He has shown leadership to humanity with humility. He has proven to all that being a king is by giving and not by being given. He is a king.

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