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New year celebration is recognized everywhere worldwide with extraordinary energy and fun. It is a remarkable day for general population, and they welcome up the coming year in their particular way.

A new year bring fresh opportunity to start over, ride on it and make resolution to achieve all the dreams you and your family, friends and loves one saw.

Forget the past failures; this new year is a unique opportunity to get started over again. Let us find confidence in ourselves and create a possibility to achieve all that we believe in.

A new year brings new goals, objectives and desire, so let us not forget extra challenges too.

Remember, a new year signifies a new opportunity to start over. Forget the failures, backlashes and aim towards excellence.

Lets us always be with our near and dear ones on the journey towards success.

A new year always bring a sense of renewal of collective commitment and purpose to excell in research, learning, teachings and service to community development. With this comes the firm resolution to achieve desired results and meet deliverables.

I am glad to find myself among such a beautiful family, friends and colleagues. Let us grow together.

I pray this year brings success and happiness in all our lives.

Happy New Year My Good People

Dr Olayinka Alausa
CEO Omo Alausa Foundation

Oyelara Saheed Adekunle
Director Media and Publicity
Omo Alausa Foundation

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