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It is with great pleasure and humility that I want to welcome you all to another journey of 365days of greatness and great achievement.

I want to first of all appreciate God on behalf of all member of Nigerian Youth Congress Ogun State Chapter for spearing us till year 2022.

2021 have being a great struggle for some of us, some of us wanted to achieve somethings which we were unable to achieve but with all this we all found ourselves in this New Year 2022.

Let me at this point appreciate all those whom have being faithful to the organization for the year 2021 we really appreciate your commitment let us all do it together again to achieve greater things as we start a new year.

Year 2022 is a year that precede to the year of Elections in Nigeria infact in some State it is a year of Elections for them states like Osun and Ekiti but for us in Ogun State 2023 is the year of our election but as we knoe activities for election will be staying this year and Youths are major stake holders in electoral process therefore I wish to plead with all youths to be faithful in there various areas that they will found themselves in the electoral process.

I wish to also inform us that as an Organization we are planning a greater way of ensuring that our youths are doing well in our dear State hence we shall be working with various organizations that we know they have the mind of the youths and see how we can work together in achieving our aims and objectives.

Let me at this time plead with all youths to please remain focus and be faithful in our day to day activities and not run more than what we can achieve in this New Year as this will always bring a bad repercussions to many people.

It is on this Note that I Comrade Seyifunmi Afolabi welcome you all to this new Year 2022 and I wish you all the best you wish yourself in this new Year.

Happy New Year to you all.

Comrade Seyifunmi Afolabi

NYC Ogun State Chairman

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