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“POLITICS, NOT A DO OR DIE AFFAIRS”-Adebayo Olumide McAnelka

Honorable Adewale Oluwaseun Adesina, popularly known as FEELINGCOOL, that is aspiring for OGHA, Ijebu North Constituency II, Ifelodun wishes all the Sons and Daughters of Ijebu North both home and in the diaspora a MERRY CHRISTMAS and PROSPEROUS HAPPY NEW YEAR IN ADVANCE. ❤️

In his words, he advised everyone in the Political sphere by saying it is high time politicians and Nigerians stopped seeing politics as a do-or-die affair.
Hon. Adewale with the presence of the Director General of FeelingCool Grassroot Forum, Comrade Abogun Oluwasegun Lukman gave the advice on a Phone interview with Adebayo McAnelka “a freelance writer” on Boxing Day 🥊.

Hon. Adewale noted that people must realize that elections were mechanisms for selecting the leaders on a temporary basis.

“So, it shouldn’t be something that we kill ourselves, or we go all out as if it is a do-or-die affair.

“Those who were in position 30 or 20 years ago, people don’t even reckon with them. So, we should realize that it is a transient thing.

“Therefore, we must do all the needed modifications and adjustments in our political sphere. Lessons that must have been learnt from these mistakes by INEC (Independent National Electoral Commission), politicians and everybody,’’ he said.

The Mexico based Philanthropist said he believed the future of the country was brighter and “we must all look inward to contribute our quota.’’

Every organization and individual, he said, should be able to ask where he can become better, adding he believed this will ensure all the killings, violence was a thing of the past.

‘’By the grace of God when God enables us to have all the various changes and improvements needed in our electoral processes, things will become better.

“It is good now, but it can be better because there is always room for improvement,’’ he said.

Comrade Abogun, the DG urged Nigerians and most importantly the Residents of Ifelodun constituency of Ijebu North to continue to pray for the leaders at all levels in the Constituency as we are all looking forward to 2023.

According to him, the leaders are not an island, rather they need the power of God to lead successfully. He said in his words that Every Sponsored empowerments and projects, both the ones that had been executed and the ones on the drawing board by Hon. Adewale Oluwaseun Adesina (FeelingCool) are to build on the legacy of Prince Dapo Abiodun, the State Governor.

He Quoted the scripture and said ‘unless the Lord builds, they labour in vain.’ The fact that we have elected leaders does not mean we should go to sleep and allow them to go at it alone.

“We need to back them up. We have to pray for them for wisdom and the fear of God for them to be just”.

“We have to pray that God almighty will take control of the minds of our leaders,’’ he said.

Hon. Adesina, who called on the media and the civil society organisations to also play their roles and to always debunk any rumour that might want to circulate. “We are involving in politics to change the atmosphere positively and not to follow the old ways of dirty politics”, he said everyone must realize ‘’we have just ONE IJEBU NORTH ❤️; we don’t have another.’’ And we must always allow Love to lead.

And those who are not there now must know that they must build their constituency well so that when they get there, they will see improvement they can build on.

So we all have to build this Constituency and SHUN VIOLENCE, SHUN EVIL and anything that derogates or brings down our environment but that which upholds the territorial integrity of Ifelodun in Ijebu North and Nigeria as a whole,” he said.


~Adebayo McAnelka reporting

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