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The entire body of All Progressives Congress Youth League, Ondo State Coordinate (APCYL,ODSC) under your leadership on this day join the good people of Ondo State, particularly in Akure North LG, APC Households, The Apex Youth wing of the Party, APC YOUTH LEAGUE across the 36 States of this Nation including FCT, Friends, Family & Associates to Eulogise and Felicitate you on this occasion of your Birthday #25/12

As a silent reformer and a paragon, a time such as this is a time to reminisce on all your sincere contributions to the Progress of the Youth, your resilience, your courage, your sincerity and your commitment towards the emancipation of the youths and the dream of another with clear vision and focus…

As a leader, you are quite a reasonable and responsible youth Leader, a caring person, source of inspiration to many youths and a charismatic youth leader piloting the affairs of All Progressives Congress Youth League in Ondo State (APCYL, ODSC) and that of the party structure in Akure North LG.

As a Leader of Progressives Youth, you have shown commitment and have an undoubted loyalty to the Coordinate leadership in Ondo State And as the Youth Leader of APC in Akure North LG, you have been an active fighter, responsive, resilient, dogged and rugged youth leader…. Your doggedity shall never be tested Sir

Your passion and commitment towards all you do is exemplary. May God Almighty reward you bountifully… Amen

Have an amazing year Sir.
Happy birthday and many happy returns of the day… May the Good Lord continue to strengthen you Sir. Cheers

Comr. Busari Hussein
Asst. General Secretary
APC Youth League
Ondo State Coordinate

Comr. Adebayo Lawrence
APC Youth League
Ondo State Coordinate

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