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Senator Adeyeye: Osinbajo Is The Most Fearless Champion Of Federalism In Nigeria

Professor Sola Adeyeye has declared that Vice President Professor Yemi Osinbajo, SAN is unarguably the most fearless champion of federalism in Nigeria.

Adeyeye who represented Osun Central senatorial district at the National Assembly from May 2011 to May 2019, stated this in a chat with the press recently with the Daily Independent newspaper.

He explained that Professor Osinbajo has over the years, through actions and comments, demonstrated his commitment to the ideals of true federalism.

Justifying his stand about the vice president, he said: “If you are talking of the success of Tinubu, you will remember that six times, Tinubu took the federal government to court, six times he won. “The brain behind that victory was Yemi Osinbajo. Osinbajo has been the most fearless champion of federalism in this country.

“Every time that Buhari had to travel and Osinbajo steps in, things have run very smoothly. He has the temperament, intellect, sagacity, capacity, and dexterity required of a true leader. “He did not become Vice President by accident. Actually, I was in Asokoro on the night that Osinbajo’s name was submitted as running mate to President Buhari who was our candidate then. “It was the nomination of Tinubu, let’s be honest about that. What did Tinubu see that made him nominate Osinbajo?

“He must have seen a trait that is unique, singular, and presidential because when you are vice president, you are just one breath away from the presidency.”

Speaking further about the contributions of Professor Osinbajo to the advancement of Lagos state during the administration of Tinubu as governor, he said:

“If you look at the record of both of them, the truth is, they are most impressive characters. Tinubu is a most impressive politician.

“Within eight years as governor, Tinubu made a geometric increase in the generation of Lagos state. In doing so, he assembled a cadre of talents that those who admired him have continued to tout everywhere.

“Among those talents, probably the very best of them include Babatunde Fashola and Vice President Yemi Osinbajo. If any of those three men become the president of Nigeria, we will be a lucky country.”

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