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2023: If We Want To Zone, Presidency Should Go To The South East – Sen. Adeyeye

A former Chief Whip of the Senate, Professor Sola Adeyeye, has said that fairness demands that the ruling All Progressives Congress (APC) should zone its presidential ticket for the 2023 general elections to the South- East.

Speaking in an interview with SATURDAY INDEPENDENT in Abuja, Adeyeye, who said he does not believe in zoning, however, said if the APC decides that the ticket cannot go to the South-East because of the party’s popularity in the region, then the ticket should come to the South-West.

“I have given interviews in the past in which I said I am ardently opposed to zoning. If we are going to zone and it is based on fairness, then it should be zoned to the South-East.

“But I don’t believe in zoning. If my party says even if we zone it to the South-East, we don’t have enough people from the South-East in our party, in that case, then it should be the turn of the South-West.”

The APC chieftain said what Nigeria really needs is competence and getting the best hand from any part of the country to lead the country and not zoning.

“Honestly, beyond the gimmickry of zoning, what I will want is that we identify competent people who can run this republic well and we go for them.

“However, I don’t think that will happen because zoning has become a religion in our country.

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