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Community Leadership is all about the welfare of the people they represent, Let us send OMG to Abuja together.

We live in a society where perceptions play a huge role in determining a situation that is often influenced by the vocal people in it.

While people expect this to make the situation better instead this often takes us away from the path of harmony and peace in life, leaving us wondering where things went south.

This happens because of the people or the group we start to look at as our community leaders. So, who are these community leaders and how can we determine if they are ideal to be our representative? Simply said, “Let’s find out.”

A leader is a designation that is bestowed upon a person or a group who are considered to be a representative of a community by the people. They are often seen as an influencer as well as do-er who works for the welfare of people by solving problems and raising important issues to highlight a sort of change that is required. They focus on keeping their people together to work towards a common goal in their community.

Olanrewaju Michael George is ok to represent Remo Federal Constituency at the green chamber of Government, House of Representatives, Abuja.

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