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WHY YOU “MUST” PARTICIPATE IN ACTIVE POLITICS- Olumide Adebayo (In Support For Feelingcool)

Elections is the only way for people to have a say in how they are governed and who will hold political power. Voter apathy is a growing concern, especially among young people. Given their large numbers, when young people vote (18years and above), they can decide elections.

Voter apathy is mostly caused when people grow in an environment where they see corruption and see their tax money isn’t giving them benefits, the schools are bad, the health clinics are bad, the roads are bad, and the electricity is bad. The enormity of the task of changing the environment, I think, is something that drives voter apathy.

As suggested by Comrade Remi @2347035163529 that Voter education may be the best solution for apathy, mostly in the remote areas because it helps people understand that while countrywide problems need to be dealt with, participation in local elections is one way of taking action to fix the situation in their own neighborhood.

To be truly effective and see concrete change, *It is important not just to vote but also to hold the elected officials accountable and even influence them by offering suggestions.*

@#Note: *“Leadership is demonstrated when you have solutions”*

This is why *FeelingCool Grassroot Forum* is formed to bring together vibrant youths at the grassroot from different backgrounds across Ijebu North to reason together, gather experience from the past, make a good present and be hopeful for a brighter tomorrow.

Remember, *Today is the Tomorrow of Yesterday* (Time wait for no one).

Support *Hon. Adewale Oluwaseun Adesina as OGHA2023*



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