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My Experience With My Employer Olanrewaju Omo George Was a Wow- Adebayo Olumide

Unemployment is a big barrier to the growth of this Nation. Even most of the youths that are employed works for private establishment, where their monthly income could not feed them, let alone of having savings… Yet, most employers will still owe them for couple of months.

2020 is the very first time I ever worked and earn salary. I embraced the job last February and only worked through July (6months). My experience with my employer Olanrewaju Omo George was a wow.

When it comes to leadership skills, I studied him from afar within that short duration and realized he’s so Communicative, Flexible, Dedicated, Views Employees as Partners, Understands the Importance of Work-Life Balance, Looks Ahead, Open to New Ideas and Feedback, Recognizes Employee Accomplishments and most importantly, the way he Promotes Positive Work Environment for his staffs.

I can not forget the text I received from him in April 22nd, telling us to put the company under lock and key, to stay home and stay safe against Corona virus. I said to myself “That’s the end” and my family solely depend on this salary. Behold, before I got home that very day, I received alert of a full salary.

The next month, everyone was home as a result of company and NCDC directives, people started getting laid off from their jobs, while some companies were paying half salaries. Yet May salary was paid by my employer in full…. This really shows that he put himself in other people’s shoes, valued his staffs, understands humanity and understands the situation of the country.

Tell me how my family and other people that are benefiting from this great and kind gesture won’t be praying for this man of honor…

Question: How do you manage your employees?

Are you the type that turned yourself to a small god because you know people depends on you?

Note that nothing is hiding under heaven. People are noticing you and remember Karma and Nemesis are like Messi and Ronaldo.

Image: #ThrowBackToMyHustle

By: Adebayo Olumide

Popularly known as Mc Anelka.

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