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A well known charity organization in Remoland named Wayforward Foundation gave out relief packages to the good people of Isara town in Remo North Local Government.

The exercise was monitored by the foundation director in person of Mr. Daniel and his entire team.

The Foundation was created in giving hope to the poor and eradicate poverty and sorrow from Remoland.

The beneficiaries were full of joy and showered praises to the founders of the Foundation and also urge others that are blessed within the town to emulate good gestures of the donor.

While Mr. Daniel, the Director of the Foundation was interviewed by Neighborhoodmic media crew. He gave thanks to Almighty God for giving him the opportunity to serve under the leadership of two great Bosses of the foundation, Her Excellency Madam Eniola Otasanya Martins and Asiwaju Ọlanrewaju Micheal George who God gave the heart of given to the people without thinking about a personal rewards.

Mr. Daniel further his speech that lot of programs likes of soft loans on zero interest rate to the petty traders, welfare packages to the elders and other numerous programs that will have a positive impact to the good people of Remoland are going on in the foundation.

He urge the beneficiaries to make good use of the relief package and also continue to remember the two philanthropists in their prayer.

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