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MY SOURCE…OMG By Olumide Adebayo

If I say the Journey of a thousand miles starts from a footstep, I’ll sound more like motivational speaker. So I’m not gonna go that direction cos i want to express the reality of life, but still, I need you to know that “There’s absolutely no way you can Build a Nation if you don’t Build your Home”.

The ruin of a nation begins in the home of its people. Meaning; The building block of any nation is the home. A corrupt nation is a reflection of a corrupt home.

Omg! Yoruba is soooo complete…! No wonder they say “Ilé lati n kó èsó r’òde” (Character begins at home). The value people learn at home is what they show when they are leaders. What happens at home is not a private matter, or should I say it’s a private matter that has a public impact. In other words, the influence of a home extends beyond it.

I took quality time to ponder about Olanrewaju Michael George #OMG (The leading Philanthropist in Remo Land and the entire Ogun state of Nigeria), to know why he’s so much passionate in investing on HUMAN CAPITAL across the state with so much resources through his NGOs. I embarked on personal research to know the reasons behind these and that took me to his SOURCE. All I was able to find out was nothing but GOOD PATENTING🤔

I had to take a deep breath after realizing the influence of a parent in a home could be this beneficial to a Society, State, Nation and even the global world at large.

So if you are a parent, if you are not bringing up your children in the right way, you are contributing to the ruin of your country. A nation in ruin must start building by looking into the value of it’s Homes.

TO PARENTS: You must create the environment that will foster trust and a healthy relationship within your home. You must encourage other parents to be good role models to their children, cos your society will benefit in either the positive or negative outcome of how others raise their children. Try to punish injustice and frown on disrespects. Be patriotic!
Above all, the leaders must lead the way in how they relate to and raise their families.

Do you still want to go on more research just like I did? ASIWAJU ỌLANREWAJU MICHAEL GEORGE (OMG) is an open book that is available for all to read. Leader with EXEMPLARY BEHAVIOR….. A leader with BASIS, a leader with SOURCE.


Written by: Olumide Adebayo (Mc Aneika)

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