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For quality representation, welfare and betterment of good people of Akure North/South federal constituency.. OMOWUNMI NI O.

What many have failed to consider in the ensuing agitations for who succeeds the late MHR, Hon. Omolafe (Expensive) is that government is a vehicle through which democracy is delivered to the people. And so, those who desire public offices must have been tested and trusted to deliver democracy dividends to the people as expected of them through the office they hold.

Moreover, given the tempo of infrastructure, empowerment, developments and established growth by Hon. Omowunmi Olatunji-Ohwovoriole, a woman and leader with a foresight equal to that of the late MHR, Hon. Omolafe (Expensive) will effectively fit into the shoes which is left behind.

As such, the need to look critically before leaping becomes imperative.

Among the long line of contenders for the MHR, Akure North/ South race is Hon. Omowunmi Olatunji-Ohwovoriole who has the capability and experience from time immemorial.

Her profile/credentials indicates an age-long experience in governance which beats that of every other aspirants, and her bevy of connections and intellectual intelligence makes her a top preferred choice of the masses and for the office.

Hon. Omowunmi Olatunji-Ohwovoriole is able, fit and ready to serve the good people of Akure North/South federal constituency conscientiously, and should be given the mandate to do so.


Comr. Busari Hussein

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