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Six (6) men from a certain region in Ogun state had been hearing about OMG, the biggest philanthropist in Remo Land and his benevolence.

They were very anxious to know what and how exactly people are benefiting from him, so they left for RemoLand. The first went to Ogijo and asked people around who OMG is, he was made to understand that he is their benefactor who is working relentlessly in restoring their Health sector through his free Medical Outreach.

He then concluded that he must be a Doctor. The Second went to Sagamu, he stopped by Sabo and asked from a market woman if she knows OMG, the woman responded by saying, he is one of us, the reason why some of us are here.

He gives us loan to support our various businesses at zero interest rate and quality time of repayment. The man concluded that he must be a business man.

The third went to Isara Remo, he stopped an okada man to ask, behold, it was his passenger (a lady) who happened to be one of the graduated beneficiary of Free Vocational training that responded. OMG! You mean the man who restored my lost hope by giving me carrier and establishing me as a fashion designer?

The man was amazed and concluded, he must be an Artisan. The fourth went to Ikenne, he walked up to an elderly woman that was sitting in the company of others to ask if she knows OMG… The woman was filled with instant excitement while she responds that OMG is a man I’ve never met, but for a while now, I’d been receiving credit alerts on monthly basis tagged “owó arúgbó” by him.

He said he doesn’t want us to suffer at old age (others confirmed it). So the man concluded, he must be an Angel. The fifth person decided to use the avenue to check on his cousin at Ago Iwoye before going to Remo.

On getting there, he asked of his cousin’s son and the response he got was a shock! “Oh, he has gone for class”…. Class!!! but you said you can’t afford his tuition and he had to forfeit his admission… Yes, but God arose through OMG and now, my son will be becoming a professional Actor (his dream) real soon.

The man concluded, he must be a teacher. On their way home, these men disputed loudly among each other about the personality of OMG. Each of them strongly struck to his observation and would not agree with other. Though each was right in describing the area he inquired, none had the correct picture of OMG. WHO IS OMG?

Written by Mr. Olumide Adebayo


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