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Topic: SEASONS-By Apst. MontyAbraham, New Glory Assembly, Bayelsa State.

Summary of Sunday Sermon


Bible Ref: Ecc 3:1

We are creatures of seasons. As humans, our lives are calibrated or measured in seasons.
As the clock is ticking, you are being moved from one season of your life to another. Time does not wait for anybody, and so your seasons may not wait for you; but every season of your life that you enter, there are blessings that await you, and these blessings are work tools for your destiny fulfilment: the blessings can come inform of money, position , favour, etc.

Seasons are dynamic. Be able to understand the season you are, so that you can identify and use the blessings therefrom for the responsibilities of the season.
As a youth, you wll not remain young forever, there will be a time you will get old and you can not be able to work effectively to achieve much.

Often times, the average African Christian has turned Christianity to a bunch of Religious and Superstitious activities.
You can not replace the place of work to fasting and prayer. This is the time that you should be creative, innovative and be productive.

Four Things That You Should Do To Maximize Your Season As A Youth.

1. Build Your Reputation (Proverbs 22:1)
Building your Reputation has to do with your character.
Nobody buys an empty container, no matter how beautiful it looks; The content of the container is what people are after.

Your personality is defined by your character, and your character is defined by what you do, and what you say.

As a youth you must consciously build your reputation, because your reputation will tell how you want people to know you, How you want people to relate with you, and value you.
You must have a good character for people to recommend you to others.
When you get riches without a name, the riches will not last, but when you have a good name, the good name will not only produce riches, it will produce riches and sustain that riches because when you have a good name it becomes your branding.

2. Build Skills ( Proverbs 18:16)
We are living in a society that there’s no job employment, and so, many graduates with certificate are doing nothing.
The reason why we cannot build world class businesses is because we do not have skills. Nigerian youths have ideas but fail to implement those ideas.
A man’s skills make room for him, and bring him before great men; use your skills to do business.

3. Build Relationship:-
You don’t build relationship that has to do with nothing. You intentionally build your relationships.
In building a relationship, you have to identify the capacity of that person; if he/she is capable of assisting you in life, if the person can contribute to your destiny. Don’t make friends with everyone that get in contact with you; choose your friends, if everyone could be your best friends it means you are cheap and confused.
For example, Joseph, when he was in prison, related with people in the prison but he did not place a demand or try to gain a future relationship with them; but he got close to only the chief butler because he knows that the chief butler has access to Pharaoh, and he told the butler to make mention of his name to Pharaoh, so that he will come out of the prison. Gen. 40:14.
Who do you have as a friend? Can they help you when you are in need?
As a youth, connect to those who have values, people that have potentials and can influence you positively and not negatively.

4. Build a Relationship with God. Ecc 12:1 Remember God while you are still young. This is the time you need to be dedicated and committed in the things of God. Let your service to God challenge other youths to serve God better.
A time will come that you will not have pleasure in doing all this things. As a youth, this is the time to be on fire for God, to go out for evangelism, to pray earnestly, and to study.
In my youthful age, I was known as a bookworm person, because I devoted my time to study, and the knowledge that I have acquired is helping me now as a pastor.

In conclusion, build your reputation, your skills, and your relationship with God and man.


Apst. Monty Abraham
New Glory Assembly
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