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When the youths are engaged, the society are safe- The Man OMG assure bringing back Remo.

Everyone deserve a good life, this is the voice of God’s sent man to Ogun State and Remo Federal constituency in person of Hon. Olanrewaju Michael George. His mission is for all in Remoland.

He encourage the youths in developing their talents likes of supporting beauty pageant show in Ilishan Day popularly known as Ishambi Day and same was show to Irolu Remo Day known as Agaun Day in supporting the grand finale of the soccer competition which promote the sport activities within the youths of the town. When the youths are happy, the society are safe.

Within the just concluded weeks, Hon. Olanrewaju Michael George bagged different awards from different Society Associations that witness the great activities of this great man popularly called OMG.

Hon. Olanrewaju Michael George also beautify some religion houses within Remo Federal Constituency and also encourage people to be more closer to God always.

Giving out monthly stipends to elders, empowerment programs, medical outreaches to all the wards within the federal constituency also speaks more about OMG.

OMG is a brand name in every household in Remoland. All Community Development programs are rolled out for the benefits of the people such as grading of some inner roads, provisions of electric poles, digging of boreholes to some streets within every wards in Remo Federal Constituency, Scholarship to brilliant students within the state, widows support programs, youths talent hunt in musical and drama industry, soft loans to market women with zero interest rate, empowerment program to the youths and agricultural support programs to the farmers.

Hon. Olanrewaju Michael George also make himself known to the people through availability of his activities in listening to the needs of the people and restoring hope back to the society.

Hon. Olanrewaju Michael George surrender himself down to the good people of Remo Federal Constituency to be sent to the Federal House of Representative to represent the people in making and promoting valuables bills ( Law and Policies) that will make life easy for all in Remo Federal Constituency. He is also the man that will invest more on the people and the society inorder to be among the best Federal Constituency in the country.

Hon. Olanrewaju Michael George is a trained fellow that knows how administrative and pubic services are being run with perfect delivery.

Send OMG to the green chamber, let the youths have a say in Nigeria political system.

Hon. Olanrewaju Michael George is the right man for the job.

Support and mobilize for OMG in your ward.

OMG, Ifésówápó fun ìdàgbàsóké Remoland.

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