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APC Youth League rallies support for their MHR, Akure South/North candidate


The entire body of of All Progressive Congress (APC) Youth in Ondo State want to inform the Leadership of APC in Ondo State on their stand in selection of the next candidate of our great party for MHR Akure North/ South Federal constituency.

APC Youth League is the Apex body of of youth wing of our great party in Ondo State.
APC Youth League has been duly register in both Nigeria and APC since 2014 when our party APC was formed.
The purpose of this group is to protect the interest of our teaming youth across our nation Nigeria, particularly in part politics.
The group cut across the 36 State and FCT, federal capital.

APC YOUTH LEAGUE; the very first mass movement youth mobilisation for All Progressive Congress through this important memorandum, of course during an equally important era in our national Democratic development.

The league as a mass socio-political Youth group was formed to front, safeguard and mobilize support for all progressive Congress under the office of the National Youth Leader of the party. The league has coordinate from National to polling booths across the federation with foreign coordinate and vibrant student’s wing.

The primary task of our league is to mobilize young people behind the vision and mission the APC, serving also as a preparatory school and incubator for the APC.

Our vision is to have vibrant socio-political and effective socio-economic youth group with mass appeal and high degree of Progressive programs and attitude capable of championing a national Democratic revolution that will attain our society old time aspiration.

Our mission has always been to engage in deliberate activities, progress, politics and programs planned carefully with coordinate series of promotional efforts, built around our party with themes and ideals designed to achieve our predetermined objectives; managing same in manners to access the electorate, secure their votes, mobilize them, safeguard the process, win the polls, protect the mandate and secure victory is declared by the authorities.

Throughout our existence, the APC Youth League has never failed to discharge this important responsibilities and all our coordinate have also appreciate their political responsibilities of strengthening the APC. We are proud of the contributions we have made throughout evolution of APC; From the day of the merger up to this moment.

Furthermore, having laboured hard as a young Progressive Democrats to form, mobilize, front, canvass and win for APC, we shall never shy away when such issues capable of affecting our beloved party are allowed access to linger for long. We cannot and shall not tolerate any of indiscipline among our party members any longer.

All due respect to our Elders and Leaders in the party.. The entire body of APC Youth League, Ondo State coordinate under the Leadership of Comr. Lawal Tosin (state coordinator) want to register our opinion and make suggestions on how to have successful outcome in selecting a unified candidate that will flag our party flag at the national assembly.

1.That all the party Leader should join hands to work for the actualization of our victory in the forthcoming election, and should also work in synergy with the national Secretariat.
The interest of the national Secretariat must be protected in any election that APC is going to do before primary election.

2. The leaders must also put to consideration the issue of sincerity of purpose because, not all contestants are determined to become the next MHR, of Akure North/South.

Lastly we want to appreciate the effort of all our Leaders who have contributed in one way or the other to this great party, particularly Hon. (Princess) Omowunmi Olatunji-Ohwovoriole which we all know her geared effort towards the victory of APC in Ondo State.


Hon. Omowumi Olátúnjí-Ohwovoriole was the first Female Politician to empowered over 1,000 party members across the 18 Local Governments in the History of Ondo State Politics with her hard earned resources.

Her arrival into Ondo State APC added value which no other person has added mostly when the party was at the Verge of collapsing.

Hon. Omowunmi Olátúnjí-Ohwovoriole was the Second Woman in the history of this Constituency to be bold enough to slog it out with other Male Aspirants after Hon. (Mrs) Agogo of ACN then.

Hon. Omowumi Olátúnjí-Ohwovoriole gave the highest money to the Ward during the last House of Representatives race while touring the Wards and also paid for Ward Offices for some Wards then.

When Akure South Local Government could not pay for our party Secretariat along Adesida Road, Political Appointees and Leaders were Invited at the Party Secretariat, Only Omowumi dropped Cash that very day while others promised.

Hon. Omowumi Olátúnjí-Ohwovoriole is the first female leader and aspirant that has been empowering the party members on weekly, monthly, quarterly and yearly basis just to keep the body and souls of our party members who have not benefited from Government directly together.

Hon. Omowunmi Olátúnjí-Ohwovoriole is the only Aspirant that has never abandoned the party and this state whether there is election or not among these Aspirants to show that she’s a Grassroots politician, Culturally endowed and home based politician.

We are all aware that after casting our Votes during elections, our men will leave the polling Units searching for where to relax while Women will find somewhere close to the Poling Units for their vote to count, once they have been doing this for we Men, I think we shall gather more Votes when their Daughters, Friends, Sisters and Colleagues Omowumi is picked.

Hon. Omowunmi Olátúnjí-Ohwovoriole will be the first female Aspirant without Godfather but Leaders if the they eventually wins the race and this will enable her to deliver quality and quantity dividends of democracy to Akure North/South Federal Constituency.

Hon. Omowunmi Olátúnjí-Ohwovoriole has toured the whole 23 Wards and Villages in Akure South/North Federal Constituency as an Aspirant and while following AKETI during his Campaign more than 5 times she has asked, mingled, talked, and liaised with the good people in this Constituency and she knows where the shoe pitches them, so to now Put “Ororo Ìtura” will not be a problem.

Leaders of our great party should act swiftly without any delay, this is the ideal time to bring out our notes, all of the issues without fear nor favour from pre to post.

Is time to rejigg and retool.. In doing so, we urge our Leaders in our great party to engage and consider our candidate for the youths, candidate for the women’s wing, candidate for the market women, candidate for the Baba Loja, and choice of the Akure North/South indigens and residence.

In light of the above, the entire members and Executives of All Progressive Congress Youth League (APCYL) Ondo state Coordinate hereby unanimously endorsed Hon. (Princess) Omowunmi Olatunji -Ohwovoriole as the most preferred and popular candidate to represent Akure South/North federal constituency in this forthcoming bye elections.

Long live Akure North/South
Long live Ondo state
Long live federal Republic of Nigeria

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