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Yahaya Bello’s Supporters Deny VP Slot, Says Opponents Afraid of His Rising Name

The publication by a national newspaper alleging that the governor of Kogi State, Alhaji Yahaya Bello, has backed out of presidential bid has been debunked and described as a “fear-driven” outing by the opponents of the governor.

Reacting to the trending story titled “2023: Yahaya Bello Dumps Presidential Bid, Lobbies APC Leaders For VP Slot,” published about 6 hours ago, a political group, Bello Ambassadors Network (BAN) championing the taking over of the national leadership by the youth through Yahaya Bello and the major group urging the Kogi State governor to declare his interest in the 2023 presidential election said the governor is yet to answer the calls by the Nigerian youths and has not declared his interest.

The body disclosed that it was in talks with individuals close to the governor and that nothing related to dumping presidential ambition has been perceived.

It noted that it’s mischievous to say that the governor who has not even declared his interest to contest for the presidency would dump such ambition. Adding that such speculations could be orchestrated by fears created by the towering name of the governor.

The national Cordinator of the Bello Ambassadors Network, Anthony Edogbo urged Nigerians to stay calmed and be committed to the actualization of the youthful presidency come 2023.

It also said the body and several other groups are still urging governor Bello to declare his interest in the top political seat in the country.

Daily Independent in the purported report of the Yahaha Bello giving on contesting for the presidential election, said, “a serving Commissioner in Kogi State, who is a close ally to the governor, said the governor has toned down his presidential ambition “given a strong feeling that the APC might pick its presidential candidate from the South”.

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