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Re: FG Summons Mele Kyari Over N3billion Slop Oil Sale – Kelvin Adegbenga

I read with consternation a news report of the above heading in the Premium Times of 18th September, 2021. I had to agree that Premium Times had fallen far short of expectations and requirements of investigative journalism they are known for.

In the first instance, the presidency did not summon the Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation Group Managing Director (GMD), Mele Kyari, to the Villa as reported by Premium Times.

President Buhari as the Minister of Petroleum Resources does meet regularly with the Group Managing Director for briefing; the President doesn’t interfere in the activities of the Corporation.

Secondly, Premium Times claim that they have exposed how the NNPC conducted a controversial bid for the sale of a N3 billion consignment of slop oil is a wrong misconception as the bid was done in openness and in compliance with procurement processes.

It may interest Nigerians that the so-called “two consecutive investigative reports by PREMIUM TIMES x-raying procurement irregularities and sophisticated corruption of due process at the Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation (NNPC)” is completely frivolous and inconsequential.

The GMD we all know is a man of integrity and openness. He has opened the account of the Corporation to the general Public since he assumed office so there are no issues related to disposing of 30 million litres of slop oil in a manner that violated the nation’s public procurement regulations as all due process was followed.

The claim by Premium Times that NNPC is “cash-hungry” is ridiculous and baseless. How can a Corporation that recently declared a profit of N287bn After Tax be cash hungry?

NNPC has never stopped its policy of supporting local manufacturing industries as part of its post COVID-19 economic recovery plan and will continue to support local industries even as a CAMA company.

I think Premium Times source this time again failed because the NNPC GMD so called “quick meeting of all his Group Executive Directors (GEDs) to marshal a defence” did not arise. The GMD is known for routine meetings of all its Executive Directors before further briefs of the Petroleum Minister, Pres. Muhammadu Buhari.

Premium Times claimed that the first two bid-winning companies were owned by the same directors but they failed to state what law this violates even though there is no concrete evidences from the newspaper about the Directors,

It may interest Nigerians that the GMD of the NNPC is not facing uneasiness as made believed by Premium Times. Mal Mele Kolo Kyari is busy working with the PIA Committee in ensuring the NNPC transition to a CAMA company.

NNPC under the Management of Mal Mele Kolo Kyari has never resorted to a cosmetic competitive bid fraught with irregularities as all bids are done openly as well as virtually in line with COVID-19 Protocols; the claim by Premium Times is exiguous.

The Presidency is not unraveling any puzzles as none exist in NNPC except in the imagination of the Premium Times.

The Group Managing Director of the NNPC, Mal Mele Kolo Kyari has been in good term; if not excellent term with all its Directors and there is no issue of having difficulty in controlling the GED

I am happy that the NNPC did not waste it’s precious time to respond to the sponsored reports when Premium Times requested its comments.

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