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Reno Omokri To Fani Kayode: You Sold Kanu & Igboho For “30 Pieces Of Silver”

Former Presidential aid of Godluck Jonathan “Reno Omokri” yesterday compared “Fani Kayode who recently defected from PDP to the ruling party APC” on his Instagram page to the Biblical Judas who sold out his master for 30 pieces of Silver .

Reno Omokri wrote on Instagram: “You say you are a friend of Sunday Igboho. You called him your brother. You called Nnamdi Kanu your “friend and brother” and one of the most courageous persons you know. You see what this demon in human flesh is doing to these freedom fighters, yet you do this? It makes me suspicious. How can these two people who were close to you and who confided in you, end up in Buhari’s trap and then you join his party? This looks like 30 pieces of silver! At this point, I would very much hate to be your friend and brother.”

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