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Bobrisky Shades Tonto Dikeh: “Aunty Drop Quote Weekly But Never Find Husband”

Bobrisky has slammed Tonto Dikeh in her moment of distress instead of keeping quiet or trying to sympathise with her.

From friends to enemies – the two former besties now cannot stand each other.

But even so, Bobrisky could not find any sympathy for her former friend and allow her rest – she’s still going after her!

Tonto, who is yet to recover from the national shame brought on her by Prince Kpokpogri, returned to her Instagram routine of dropping motivational quotes.

She shared a post advising people who say ‘God when’, to stop saying that because God’s time is not our time.

“Be careful [when you say] ‘God When’. You don’t have all the information, only what you are allowed to see.” Tonto wrote.

It is obvious she is still suffering and giving herself some motivation through social media.

Bobrisky, however, showed no mercy as she took to her page after Tonto’s post to mock and troll her.

She wrote: “‘Na those people who they drop quote weekly they find husband pass. Aunty we are tired of your quote.”

This is a straight dagger to the heart of Tonto

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