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Olanrewaju Michael George, “OMG” as he’s popularly called, hails from Sagamu Local Government in Ogun State, is an inspiring young man. His fertile mind has earned him exploits in various fields of endeavours but more than the ingenuity of his mind is the fecundity of his heart that is gradually bringing existential prosperity to the good people of Sagamu and Remo axis.

Without any iota of doubt, anyone who fosters the cause of humanity like OMG, is a lover of mankind and therefore, is at home with the science and wisdom of social existence. Given his impeccable love and services to humanity, he is a philosopher in the order of philanthropy.

His kind of little candle light of philanthropy and service to humanity is worth fanning into flame by all lovers of humanity. In a word, Olanrewaju Michael George (OMG) is a vibrant young man whose large heartedness spans through the length and breadth of Remo Constituency. His comely nature makes him a precious treasure in high demand by all.

His antecedents chronicle his fearless endeavors to improve the lives of the masses and influence things to work in their favour, hence, his meteoric rise to fame through his charity platform, OLANREWAJU OMO GEORGE FOUNDATION (OOGF) and AMIGMEX FOUNDATION.

He is driven by a well-defined passion to elevate the living standard of the people and many times he has spoken and done things in affirmation of his drive.

The good people of Remo Land, both young and old have various testimonies as a result of his kind heartedness which has made him to continually do good at all times.

Borehole water projects, scholarships for students, grading of bad roads, free skills acquisition programs, free medical outreach, care for the less-privilege, youth and women empowerment are few of his philanthropic gestures that has etched his name in the hearts of the people.

His set agendas sat in his heart like a rock with a strong will to get them achieved. His administrative qualities put him in pole position to be a success in any field.

Having aired his intent to vye for the position of Honourable Member of the House Of Representative for Remo Federal Constituency comes 2023. Olanrewaju has maintained that, “Governance is steward for God; it is a serious business and not for personal aggrandisement.

It is also not for pleasing a group of people, friends or family at the expense of the people”. He equally stated that his aspiration has always shown empathy for the plight of the people, which can be attested to by many.

The youths and indeed the entire people of Remo Land both home and abroad are enjoined to massively support this young man in his bid to alleviate poverty and create an enabling environment where individual’s potential can be easily fulfilled.

*#Remo2023 – OMG is the Solution*
*#ThinkMHR – OMG is the Answer*

*Olanrewaju Michael George (OMG)*
_As Honourable Member, House Of Representatives, Remo Federal Constituency 2023._

*🤝Ìfẹ́sowápọ̀ fún ìdàgbàsóke🤝*


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