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Men of New Glory Assembly Honour Apostle Abraham Monty and his Wife an Award of Excellence.

The Men of New Glory Assembly held their Annual Anniversary yesterday in the church premises where all the church service was ministered by the men of the church.

While the program was going on, the President of the Men with his planning committee used the opportunity to appreciate Apostle Abraham Monty and his dedicated wife for their total commitment and strength in growing the ministry both spiritually and physically of the members.

The award was presented by the President which was filled with joy in presenting such an excellence awards to the due towards God’s work.

Apostle Abraham Monty also expressed an unreserved appreciations to the Men for the awards given to him and his wife, said this is a call to more services.

Others were given different categories of awards based on their impartation in their various departments in the church. The Men President said everyone are recognize in the church, but few were awarded based on extraordinary activities carried on from January till present, he encourage others to emulate the good gestures of rendering selfless service in acknowledging the glory of the lord.

Even the children were not left out in the awards categories.

The thanksgiving services was filled with different kinds of spiritual messages, praises and bible reading.

Worship with us @ New Glory Assembly, Bayelsa State.

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