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“Talibanic Afghanistan and Global Reordering”-Azeem Oladimeji Salako.

16th August 2021.
Azeem Oladimeji Salako.

The Taliban claim of Afghanistan has become central to the dynamics of foreign policy, and its impact will in no small measure influence the reordering of international order.

The happening is equally tied with; Modernism, Traditionalism And The Search for Global Stability. Additionally it does not in anyway leave out the curiousity, on; what state, if any, will recognize the newly Islamic Afghanistan State. This is giving that state recognition is a precept of International Law. However, with the belicose involvement, and diminishing influence of US in the malaise, what state would recognize the Talibanic controlled Afghanistan against US? Predictably; China, Russia, North Korea and their Non-Western allies.

Still, their Anti-Westernism sentiment can not be enough prove for taking this position, if they later did. The comparative advantage and quality of their domestic environment, most particularly; autonomy, economy, and technology etc. include as major contributive factor suitable to explain their audacity. This is where the albatross of the Third World States lies. They are characterized by their Underdevelopment, and dependency on Western, and American societies. Looks like they already lost sovereignty, or that it is weak or loose_

Nonetheless, I am sure that International Relations, International Law, and Politics of Underdevelopment students will take note of this unfolding development, make sense of it, and predict it’s possible outcome.

Azeem Salako is a Doctoral student, Political Science Dept, University of Ibadan.

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