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Magnify Your Office:Apst. Monty Abraham, New Glory Assembly, Bayelsa State.

Summary of Sunday Sermon

Topic: Magnify Your Office

Bible Ref: “For I speak to you Gentiles, inasmuch as I am the apostle of the Gentiles, I magnify mine office”. Romans 11:13 (KJV).

To magnify is to glorify; to value; and to show respect.
To magnify also means to take pride in what you are doing.
In Rom. 11:13, Apst. Paul magnified his office, he placed value in his work, he took pride in what he was doing.
Do you magnify your office, Or you are complaining?
It is the extent to which you magnify your office that others will magnify it too. Individually, we all have offices we occupy, whether it is officially defined or not, in private sector or in the public sector. We do occupy an office. But the important thing is, how do you value that office, that has been given to you.
When you devalue that office you devalue yourself. One of the problems we do have is that we feel the office we are occupying is not good enough, or that it is below our qualification. We always want something bigger and greater.
It is not about the position or the office you are occupying, but it’s about producing result. Can you deliver effectively?
For instance, you are a Professor, and you were offered a job to teach in a primary school. You started whining that the primary is too low for you. It is true. Complaining could distract you and affect your productiveness. It will make you perform below capacity, and make those assessing you think what they gave you is even too much for you. The best way to proof that you are over qualified is to over produce.

I have observed over the years and discovered that, the Functuality of an office is Directly proportional to the Personality of the occupant of that office.
If you are creative and innovative, you will be able to create something even if you are taking to the desert. You should turn the desert to a forest.
If you think that your office is dead, and that nothing good is coming out, turn things around with your innovative ideas. It is your responsibility to ignite life into it. No office can be livelier than the life of the occupier. In fact, if you are appointed to the so-called juicy office, and you are not creative, you could kill the office.
As far as you are mentally sound, that office you are occupying could be lively, and functional. If that office is dead, it means you are mentally dead, you lack vision, you don’t have the innovation to make things happen.
Also, there are some Christians that the devil has blinded their eyes to see the blessings of God to mean a curse, and instead of thanking God, they complain.
Occupy your Office, and make things happen. Ask God to endow you with the required creative ideas. Go, Occupy, and Magnify Your Office.

Apst. Monty Abraham
New Glory Assembly

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