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14th August 2021


_”INSECURITY breeds JEALOUSY / JEALOUSY creates ENVY / ENVY causes self-destruction, a hater is made up of all three”._

The above quote by Carlos Wallace perfectly illustrate the precarious condition of these hoodlums who have restlessly albeit unsuccessfully become hell-bent on defacing the unrivaled integrity, respectability, and admirability of His Royal Majesty, Olota of Otta Oba Abdul Kabir Adeyemi Obalanlege, who equally is unprecedentedly the first professor-king in the history of Awori Land, and one Ekun, with an intimidating and tigerish exploits in all walks of life.

Instead of dragging with his sovereignty which he undoubtedly secured by divine providence. We at Itele conceive his enthronement as a benchmark for whomever that will step on the revered stool of Onitele of Itele land. It is obvious to even the blind how the current Oba Adeyemi has significantly transformed Ota barely three years into his reign as Olota of Ota. While Ota and Itele shared same boundary, we cannot take for granted the genuine concern, and effort of Olota of Ota to ensure that the same development being experienced in Ota is replicated in Itele land. In truth, he has constantly meet with relevant stakeholders from Itele, and on several occasions made it clear to us that the only possible means for development to thrive in Itele Land is when we have a King who can and who will authoritatively negotiate and protect our interest with government.

The revered Olota of Ota has not done or gone beyond this show of flag-wavering patriotism. Moreso, he has been popularly elected as Chairman, Ogun Awori Obas Forum, therefore, it is incumbent on him and within the ambit of his administrative duties to work in synergy with his colleagues, and relevant stakeholders towards the growth and development of all Awori towns which Itele Land is also a part. If anything at all, we should be grateful to his eminence, and not the otherwise which some nuisance character, the odd among us, has taken as their willful and apprehensible endeavor.

One may be tempted to ask why a group of few people will dubiously arrogate to themselves the ownership of land that belong to many groups? Necessity dictate that we ask why their purported and phoney Supreme Court judgement; the one they foolishly, and gullibly feign about remain unimplemented, unimplementable, and marooned in deep-seated controversy? One must also be curious on why they remain adamant and stubborn against seeing the enthronement of a new king for Itele land and why they have sworn and committed to continue to frustrate and threaten the developmental prospect of Itele land? One should equally wonder what has become of the legal organization. This perplexed feeling is caused by the manner of corruptible and ignoble Barren-Stars (not Barristers) that now saturate the noble legal profession?

There are many questions begging for answers, but the crucial one leaves everyone to querry the intention of these despicable characters. Thankfully, there is always an expiry end to every manipulative act, and it has clearly revealed that an End has come to their heinous, dastard, and evil machinations. Gratefully, the time to experience developmental prowess in Itele land is just here.

Let it be unequivocally noted that notwithstanding their Petty frivolities, Black propaganda, and Media banditry which aimed at nothing than to frustrate and forestall the emergent of a new Onitele of Itele land, we shall remain steadfast, resolute, and unflinching in our commitment to ensure that the Ogun state government is provided with all the support that will hasten the process of selecting a new King for Itele land, and this, we pray onto God and by His grace, will be in favor of the man that the mass public of Itele wanted; Prince Ademola Asorata of the Iliwo Ruling House.


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