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Ekiti APC: Could PDP Be Behind The Targeted Security Breaches In Ekiti State?

We read with dismay the recent tirade by the Ekiti State chapter of the People’s Democratic Party, (Ekiti PDP), containing defamatory allegations aimed at causing disaffection for the person of Dr. Kayode Fayemi, and the office of the Governor of Ekiti State, based on the challenge of insecurity we are currently dealing with in Ekiti and the country at large.

We must start by affirming that the Fayemi-administration, elected on the platform of the All Progressives Congress (APC), remains committed to ensuring the safety and security of lives and property in Ekiti state. The Governor is at the forefront of working with stakeholders at the federal, regional, state, and community levels, to make our state safe. At the federal level, Mr. Governor works very closely with the federal security agencies, and ensures officers and men posted to Ekiti state are supported operationally and logistically in the discharge of their duties. As the Chairman of the Nigeria Governors Forum (NGF), he is a well respected voice in national discourse on security sector governance and continues to advocate on many important issues.

At the regional level, he was central to the creation of the Western Nigeria Security Network (codenamed Operation Amotekun) and continues in the bid to improve their operational effectiveness. He is vital to regional efforts aimed at enhancing collaboration amongst our neighbouring states to improve the security situation in the region.

At the state level, through the Ekiti State Security Council, Governor Fayemi and other stakeholders have carried out several wholistic and integrated interventions at the strategic and tactical levels to address insecurity.

At the community level, the Government of Ekiti State, has consistently engaged with community stakeholders on measures to improve intelligence gathering, early warning mechanisms, and structures for rapid response to security breaches. This is a very crucial aspect of building a resilient security architecture that requires the input of all and sundry. It requires bi-partisan cooperation, mutual trust, and for the setting aside of all differences to have a strong and unified response. As patriots and honourable Ekiti people, it requires putting Ekiti first before politics – an idea that sadly appears to be far removed from the imagination of Ekiti PDP.

Governor Fayemi would continue to support the extensive joint patrol of the dark spots and bushes by the RRS, Amotekun and the regular police. He would continue to strengthen the Ekiti State Security Trust Fund, provide equipment and logistics for security outfits, involve the traditional institutions in the security of their domains, lobby the military authorities to set up military security bases in the state, fence public schools, amongst other classified efforts.

It is true that we are currently facing huge security challenges in the country, which are the culmination of several factors far more complicated than the simplistic way Ekiti PDP has chosen to look at things. Some of the conditions that birthed these challenges originated and were nurtured during the years of misrule by the PDP at the state and national levels. We would however not join issues with the Ekiti PDP on this since they have demonstrated a lack of cognitive capacity to comprehend state affairs.

We would rather concentrate on doubling up our efforts to address the problems. We would concentrate on working with well meaning people to ensure our homes, our roads, our farms, our workplaces, our educational institutions, our places of worship, and every other space in Ekiti is safe and secure.

We expect that in keeping with democratic principles, Ekiti PDP would play their role as a responsible opposition and proffer constructive criticism and suggestions, and not fan embers of disaffection that would be inimical to our efforts in ensuring grassroots stakeholders have a greater role to play in our security architecture. With the vacuous diatribe by Ekiti PDP, they have dishonoured the memory of the dear departed lost to the spate of insecurity and caused further pain to those who have suffered in one form or the other.

The discerning should be curious about Ekiti PDP’s position on the matter. The hearts and minds that can be so desperate and insensitive to conjure such lies, are very capable of orchestrating criminal events to support their libelous narrative. We are glad that they have inadvertently offered an insight into the thinking in their camp and provided leads that the security agencies would investigate thoroughly, in line with the suspicion that many of the security incidences in the state have happened with the active connivance of criminal informants. Already, a suspect has been caught in relation to the recent security incident on the Ewu Ekiti and Aiyetoro Ekiti road, who is cooperating with the police. *Could Ekiti PDP be behind these targeted security breaches in Ekiti state?*

We empathise with the heavily splintered PDP who are smarting from the scandalous decimation of their ranks. Their members at the state and national levels are daily abandoning the sinking ship, and they have totally lost their bearing and appreciation of the role of a responsible opposition party. It is apparent that those who have left the PDP took along with them whatever decency, dignity, and sound judgement that the party might have had, leaving behind shockingly callous opportunists who can stoop so low to exploit the pains of fellow Ekiti indigenes to score cheap political points.

With or without the input of Ekiti PDP, by the grace of God and the support of all well meaning and honourable people of Ekiti, we will overcome.


Hon. Ade Ajayi
Public Relations Officer
Caretaker Committee, All Progressives Congress, Ekiti State Chapter

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