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Electricity Grid Collapses Again


Dear Esteemed Customers,
Following a grid system outage that occurred at about 12:26 pm today, we have been unable to service our customers in Niger, Kogi and Nasarawa State as well as a significant part of the Federal Capital Territory.

At the moment, only 20MW has been allocated to AEDC
as against the over 400MW that have been receiving in
recent times.

We urge our customers to be patient and promise that
the power supply will be restored to our franchise area as
soon as there is a significant improvement in our

Abuja Electricity Distribution Company

Dear valued customer, we regret to inform you of a system collapse on the National Grid that’s causing outages across our network.

We are working with our TCN partners to restore supply as soon as possible.

Please bear with us.

#PowerUpdate #EkoElectricity #EmpoweringQualityOfLives

Eko Electricity Distribution Company

Dear Esteemed Customer,

The current power outage is due to a nationwide system collapse that occurred at about 12:26hrs.

Power supply will be restored gradually to various parts of the network as soon as the Grid is stabilized.

Kindly bear with us.


Ikeja Electric Plc

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