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The Chairman of the Nigerian Youth Congress Ogun State Chapter has charged the Newly Elected Chairmen in Ogun State to be faithful and committed to the promises gave during there Campaign and to be loyal to the Youths community in there different Local Governments in Ogun Statement.

Recall that the Local Government Election was conducted in Ogun State on Saturday 24th July, 2021 at the various Pulling Units in Ogun State. The Chairman of the Nigerian Youth Congress Comrade Seyifunmi Afolabi in a Press Statement Released on Monday 26th July 2021, said the voters has come out on Saturday to cast there votes for them expecting them to do greater things has they are the arm of Government who is close to the citizens.

Comrade Seyifunmi said they need to be committed to the promises they make during there Campaign “enough of deceiving the citizens, it is time to talk and take actions, campaign is giving hope to the people on what you intend to do for them and not to lie to them so as to receive there votes.”

Also in his statement he said the Youth Community in every local government is a stakeholder of that local government hence, they need to be carried along in everything they will be doing in there local governments. He said programs like empowerment program, symposium, Lectures are needed to be organized for the youths in the Local Government.

In his conclusion he congratulate all the Newly Elected Chairmen and also promise to work with them through the Organization Coordinators in there various Local Government Areas.

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