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Misguided Young Men-Apst. Monty Abraham, New Glory Assembly, Bayelsa State.

Sunday Sermon Summary

Topic: Misguided Young Men

To be Misguided as a young man means taking wrong decisions that will lead you to the wrong paths in life.

As a young man there are three things you should not be misguided of, they are:-

1. Marriage: If you have a wrong understanding about marriage, you have almost destroyed 80% of your life.
Genesis 2:18, “And the LORD God said, It is not good that the man should be alone; I will make him an help meet for him.”

God knows that Adam can not help himself in every situation of his life, that’s why He created a fitting help mate for him that will assist him. As a young man you need a help mate, a woman to support you in every sphere of your life.

Don’t be misinformed about marriage. Marriage is good, and God ordained it because it is very important in every man’s life, except you want to be a Celibate. It’s better to have a wife than a girlfriend, because a wife will always stand by you in challenges, but a girlfriend will leave you when you are down. God found out that there’s a solution to man’s loneliness and that solution is a woman, and that a woman can function well in your life in the place of marriage.

It is better to get married than to keep a girlfriend who will destroy your life. A wife will protect you and support you in your dreams, to fulfill your destiny, she will understand you , but a girlfriend can not understand you, but will only to extort money from you. Any young man who is not interested in marriage but want to keep girlfriends is grossly misguided.

2. Work: There are young men who are misguided in the area of job opportunities. They are waiting for government work. They don’t know that there are so many graduates in the society who are jobless, looking for job. As a young man you need to work with your hands. Don’t be idle, doing nothing. You don’t need to be employed before you become successful.

Why not start thinking of creating a job and become an employer of labour. When you are creative and innovative, employment won’t be hard for you, people will be begging to employ you.
I pray for every young man, that you will learn to work with your hands and become responsible in the name of Jesus.

3. Be Born Again: Psalms 119:130 “The entrance of thy words giveth light; it giveth understanding unto the simple.”
For you not to be misguided in life as a young man, you need to know God for yourself early. You need to believe in God, course when you believe in Him you are delivered from so many things in life.

Nobody has known personally and regretted knowing Him. Not knowing God means living by chance. That’s risky!
The mind of so many young men is corrupted with misconception about going to church that they don’t see going to church as a necessary part of their upbringing.

That is a disguised trap of the enemy to lure you out of God’s protection, and make you vulnerable to satanic wickedness. Don’t be deceived, whatsoever you sow, you shall reap.
Think of your life, your future, and how to become a Leader. Success does not come by mistake, it comes by careful calculation.

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Apst. Monty Abraham
New Glory Assembly

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