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Lousy Ladies-Apst. Monty Abraham Of New Glory Assembly.

Sunday Sermon Summary

Topic: Lousy Ladies

To be lousy is to be dirty, rotten and stinky.

Some ladies have dirty characters, so bad and stinky that no man wants to marry, or even want to nurture a relationship with them. You can have a character that smells so bad that no one would want to come close to you.

It is your character that defines who you truly are; so if you want to attract a man to marry you, deal with your bad character, instead of chanting, “Marry me just the way I am”. Beauty attracts men to you, but good character keep the men
Naturally, each and every one of us have a dirty character through the Adamic nature, but Christ came and washed us clean.

He took that dirtiness (sin) away from us, and made us beautiful in the eyes of God.

Don’t live such a dirty life that people around you cannot say anything good about you. Your neighbors complain about your bad character, the way you dress, your manner of approach, etc,. Your character stinks so much that no man wants to come around you or stay with you, but only desire your body to satisfy their carnal appetite. Work on your character.

Three Things That Is Making You Lousy

These are some attitudes you need to repent from:-

1. Do not have multiple Relationship: John 4:16-18.
One of the things that makes girls to stink is multiple relationships. You are not created with the ability to have and manage multiple relationships successfully.

Just the way you can’t serve God and mammon successfully, you can’t also love two or more persons equally, and manage them without mistake. Don’t indulge yourself in different kinds of relationships. It’s vexation of spirit and fruitless vanity. You will only succeed in destroying your image.

Those men you are following might know themselves, and start discussing about you; it does not give a good report, it shows that you are irresponsible. Jesus said you can not serve two masters at the same time.
Matthew 6:24a. “No man can serve two masters: for either he will hate the one, and love the other;

2. Don’t put too much pressure because of much demand: If you see relationship as an employment, you are a prostitute. Don’t demand too much in a relationship. Don’t put that man under financial pressure. Life is already difficult these days. If you think you are costly, then you are a commodity.

And no commodity is a wife material. Some of you put pressure on your partner to buy things he can not afford. Forcing him to get that thing for you is wrong. That’s why some men go extra mile to do evil things just to satisfy the needs of their partners. Some girls have turned their men into thieves.

Not everything that happens to you is caused by witches and wizard, sometimes you are the cause; you are the problem: your character is the problem. That’s why your Relationships don’t last. Check yourself, stop demanding too much from that man, stop putting him under pressure; because your fellow girl bought bone straight weavon, you too want it and you don’t have the money. You will start disturbing your partner to get it for you.
Be wise or you lose him.

3. Avoid Being Lazy: Laziness is a sin. Avoid being Lazy. Do something with your hands, be skillful. You must not have a job to be self independent, learn something to do with your hands . God said I will bless the works of your hands. I know some girls do not rely on a man to cater for their basic needs.

That is dignity. Do something, so that when the man comes, he will value you and respect you.
Men are no longer thinking about beauty but survival; What will become of their future in the relationship?
Ask yourself, if You get married now, what do you have to contribute to his future?
Don’t be idle. Do something

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Apst. Monty Abraham
New Glory Assembly

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