INFLUENCE-Apst. Monty Abraham

Summary of Women’s Thanksgiving Sermon


To influence is to affect the decision of another to produce your desired result.

Women are Agents of Influence in every society.
What kind of influence are you? Are you a Positive or Negative Influence? Is your influence selfserving or for the benefit of all?

As a woman, a wife, or a mother, what kind of influence do you have on your husband and children? Are you influencing your husband against his family or your children against their father?

A wife should help her husband to make right decisions. If your husband is helping your family members alone, and he is not helping his own family members, call his attention to it, make him help his family members too.

Let your life be plain. Don’t manipulate your husband against his family, friends, workers and people around him. Don’t influence him for your selfish desires alone, to the detriment of others.

Look closely at Lot’s wife in the Bible.
In Gen.19:15-16,26.

Lot’s wife didn’t advise her husband:-
1. To settle the workers’ rife with Abraham
2. Not to choose before Abraham, who was a father to him.
3. Not to choose all the green pastures leaving Abraham with only the patched land.
4. Not to leave his uncle Abraham
The convenant Abraham had with God would have protected them and their possessions.

But she was never spiritually sensitive; she didn’t have positive influence on her husband.
Also in Luke 17: 28-32, Jesus made reference to the event about Lot’s Wife. She was carried away by the material things she possessed, she looked back and turned to a pillar of salt.

That’s how some women are. They are possessed by their possessions: jewelries, clothes, money, etc,. They will manipulate their husbands to get their desires, whether the husband has the money to afford or not, is not relevant to them.

As a wife what kind of influence are you having on your husband?
Don’t sow a bad seed that will be waiting for you tomorrow. Life doesn’t end today, you don’t know how things will turn out to be tomorrow.

Sometimes, the Stone that the builder rejected, and least expected that will amount to anything, could be the chief corner stone tomorrow.

Check yourself
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Apst. Monty Abraham
New Glory Assembly

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