Asiwaju Ọlanrewaju Michael George, The CEO of OOGF, I know some of your secrets and I think I need to let the world know.

When you departed Heaven some few decades ago to nationalize in Nigeria with SAGAMU in OGUN STATE as place of origin, God asked you what you would do with the abundance of His grace in you, when you arrived Nigeria.

You told Him that with it you were going to be a dexterous, ingenious, expert servant leader to your fellow Nigerians especially REMO people in your state in the capacity of being a real leader.

And Almighty God was very happy that your intention was to become a Nigerian as a medium through which His love could diffuse to Nigerians, as a servant leader. And He is very happy that there is consistence of words and actions/deeds in you as a very attractive quality of servant leadership.

There is great joy, happiness, singing, and dancing by the angels and saints in Heaven over your high sense of concern and sympathy to your employers (followers) in their problems.

Your utruism and magmaminity are very much responsible for your admirable rate/rank as the one of the greatest servant leaders of the 21ST century. Over the years, REMO & OGUN people are very happy and grateful for how marvelous you have rendered domestic services to bring socio-economic success, greatness in OGUN “House”.

You have mopped off the messes, cleared rubbish, addressed the anomalies in the House by adequately, favourably bringing antidotes, remedies to matters begging for astounding attentions in virtually all sectors of the State.

We are very happy over how your unquenchable zeal to serve your people with LOVE as your watchword rather than being served as you promised God in Heaven has put in place the latest indespensible project, giving salaries to hundreds of elders monthly, helping dying carriers and building new people by different vocational trainings, monthly inspirational messages to cheer up souls among other positive vibes you brought into the State.

These and more are the secrets that people should know. May God continue to bless and reward you, in Jesus’Name (Amen).



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