Summary of Wedding Sermon


Texi: Hebrews 13:4a

Marriage is the union between a man and a woman, and it is ordained by God. In order for you to honour your marriage, you have to honour your partner.

Marriage is nothing except it involves the partners. You are a wife because you have a husband, and you are a husband because you have a wife. So honour that person whom you are married to.

As a wife you have to understudy and understand your husband; the things he likes and the things he dislikes. If he doesn’t like spices, don’t use spices to cook for him. Don’t argue with him, instead do things that will please him.

Respect and value your marriage, No two marriages are alike, don’t compare your marriage to other people’s marriages. What’s working for other marriages might not work for you.

Leave some certain things that will put pressure in your marriage, even though you learnt them from your parents. Learn not to fight every battle. Some battles could be ignored. Honestly, if you ignore somethings you will be younger, healthier and your marriage will be sweet.

No marriage is 100% problem free, but don’t be the one fermenting the problems. As a wife, you don’t have to take your husband’s phone and start going through his messages. You will see what you are expecting, and end up hurting yourself.

As a man if you go home late after you closed from work, your wife has right to know where you are coming from. If you can’t explain, you are a suspect. You don’t have to go outside to answer a phone call because your wife is around, you are only making her to suspect you.

Also, as a man if people have not point to your marriage as a reference of a blissful marriage, then you are a failure.

In marriage you don’t have to wait for your wife to submit before you love her. And to the wife, you don’t have to wait for your husband to love you before you submit.

The instructions are not preconditioned on each other.
Sometimes as a partner, examine yourself if you are doing well in your marriage, ask your spouse if you are doing well as a partner.

Make an assessment of how you have married your spouse so far.
Learn to Value and Respect each other in your marriage.

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