Rising from a One-Day Conference of Progressive Youths organized by the All
Progressives Congress, the speakers, discussants and delegates reached a
Consensus on deepening social, political and economic participation of the young
people through inclusion and deliberate mainstreaming of progressives ideas
and ethos that creates opportunities for young people as defined by the laws
and convention of the All Progressives Congress.
The conference also recognizes that Nigeria is a young country with more than
70% of its population below the age of 50 years. And that the youthfulness fuels
a huge energy capable of delivering sustainable prosperity to the over 200
million Nigerians if well harnessed and rightly targeted.
Consequently, in actually promoting the values of Progressivism, it is in the
strategic advantage of the Progressive Party and indeed the country to create
room for upward mobility of young people in all the spheres of human
endeavour mentioned in this document.
Submissions also highlighted that conversely the energy if wrongly channeled can
lead to a disaster capable of undermining the peace, security, and stability of
the nation, citing the recent happenings and restiveness within the polity.
The damage and havoc that came along with the ENDSARS protest across the
nation was referenced significantly and the need to create a real political shift in
Nigeria and set the tone that accentuate the ongoing efforts of the All
Progressive Congress (APC) to attract younger Nigerians into the party and build
into the future a sustainable political structure that is trans-generational.

Resolutions and Submissions for Mainstreaming the Young Progressives On the strength of various submissions and articulations made at the Conference below are some of the resolutions and recommendations reached:


1. That it is needful to deepen participation by deliberately mainstreaming young people in the party and government for the purpose of securing the legacy of the party and our President as follows:
1.1. Create a pathway to a significant inclusion of young people in party activities, leadership structure and committees and also to engage young people in government at all levels, by strengthening the provisions of the constitution of the party and establishing guidelines for elected and appointed officials of the government and the party as follows:
1.1.1. The party should fix the age of 35 or below for all counsellorship seats to be contested for under the party, except where such person does not exist or does not have the requisite qualification.
1.1.2. Young people under the age of 45 should be encouraged and supported by the party to hold Chairmanship seats at the Local Government Council level in all the states of the federation
. 1.1.3. The State Houses of Assembly seats should be pegged at 45 as well to infuse energy and direction at the state legislature.

1.1.4. At the Party level young men and women should be encouraged and be given preference to run for every office especially those of deputies should be set aside for youths and women only, perhaps with the exception of the Office of Deputy Chairmen which shall be opened to everyone.

1.1.5. There should be a directorate of Information Technology who
shall always facilitate technological advancement in the
activities of the party.

1.1.6. Mandate the appointment of at least one youth representative
at the Board and Management Team of All MDAs in both the
Federal and State Governments.

1.1.7. Membership of both standing and adhoc committees of the
party at all levels shall be composed of at least 2 members
who shall be persons not more than 45 years

1.1.8. Create a directorate of youth affairs headed by a person not
more than 40 years as director, who shall be responsible for
the organisation of the activities of youth in the party.

1.1.9. Reduce the price of nomination forms for young people below
the age 40 to at least 70% of the amount stated.

1.1.10.The party set-up a Progressives Institute for the training and nurturing of progressives leaders. The Progressives Institute shall have a Progressive Book Guide for all appointees and elected progressive leaders to be immersed into the ideas, ethos and expectations of the progressives.
1.1.11.All elected office holders joining/defecting to the APC shall be mandated to undergo a progressive’s induction which would be anchored right from the ward, LG, state and then a mandatory visit to the National Secretariat.

6. In line with the resolutions and demands being forward, the young people
within the APC will equally commit as follows:
6.1. Sponsor, support and encourage young progressives to contest in the
Ward congresses, LG congresses, State congresses and in all national
elections with the aim of producing at least 1,000 ward chairmen.
6.2. Become more actively involved in the propagation of the ideals and
ethos of the APC
6.3. Attend regularly all periodic and scheduled meetings of the party at
ward, zone, LG, State and National levels
6.4. Ensure prompt and up to date payment of membership dues
Benefits of these Resolutions and Submissions for Mainstreaming the Young Progressives. The resolutions therefore made shall offer
1. The APC edge as the political party with the largest number of youths in government ever in the history of Nigeria because:
1.1. The Ward Councillor is the largest in all the tiers of government and would mean there are more youths in government with this initiative
1.2. The Local Government being the closet tier of government to the grassroots then would afford a deliberate effort to mainstream young people in politics and government from the grassroots

2. The APC will become the Party for the Nigerian Youth within the first 4 years of executing these new guidelines because it will attract more youth right from the grassroots.
3. The interest and conviction to join the party and vie for election will be stronger amongst the youth 4. The APC led governments will steward a Cohesive Nigeria that is Safe and Secure because:
4.1. Young people will work to Deepen social cohesion based on acceptance of mutual responsibility and solidarity, minimizing disparities and avoiding polarization among the vastly diverse sociocultural groups that make up the fabric of the Nigerian Society
4.2. The APC will deliver on community policing that partners the civic space, with a law enforcement system that is intelligence led and responsive to the rights and welfare of the Nigerian people
4.3. Young people will take on the responsibility to develop and implement social development and National unity programs across the country.
5. Progressive Youths will have access to a teeming, inclusive economy because:
5.1. MSMEs are able to thrive providing gainful employment for Nigerian Youths
5.2. The Manufacturing, Agricultural and Digital/Tech sectors of the Economy are revitalized through progressive business policies and tax incentives to engage Young people, provide opportunities for employment and wealth creation and attract Foreign Direct Investment

5.3. The APC Led Government would partner the Private Sector to
streamline the processes involved in the operation of Businesses at
all levels
6. Young People in Nigeria under the APC government have access to an
educational system that combines innovative learning techniques with
digital technology at all levels that is reflective of today’s world. An
Educational system that helps Nigerian Students access and participate in
the global space, develops in-demand technical skills and attract global
opportunities to Nigeria
7. All Nigerians at the bottom of the economic program have access to
essential goods and services and are afforded the opportunity for
economic resilience through strategic targeted social welfare programs

This communique is signed by:

Barrister Isameel Ahmed – National Youth Leader
All Progressives Congress

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