Omo Alausa foundation media and publicity team meet with Mr Sulaimon Adegbenro , A Producer, director, artist, musician, presenter and Broadcaster.

Omo Alausa foundation media and publicity team meet with Mr Sulaimon Adegbenro , A Producer,director,artist, musician,presenter and Broadcaster.

It was a successful deliberation today at Faaji FM ( A subsidiary of Daar Communication Plc AIT) when Omo Alausa foundation Media and publicity team meet with Mr. Sulaimon Adegbenro Popular know as Mr Consoligbadun a presenter on radio and television.
The media and publicity Director Of Omo Alausa Foundation Mr. Oyelara Saheed Adekunle made Mr Sulaimon Adegbenro know what omo Alausa foundation stands for , its vision and values.
He further explain that The CEO of Omo Alausa Foundation Dr and Mrs Olayinka Alausa are both individuals who understood the the rigors of life and its challenges.
Mr Adekunle also made it known to Mr Consoligbadun that Omo Alausa Foundation was conceived by diligent , successful Nigerians with a renewed sense of commitment and purpose towards humanity that is based on the belief that there can be no better way of living than giving or assisting those around us who are indigent and unable to earn or sustain a meaningful source of living for themselves.
Omo Alausa foundation can not cover the entire country, Although the vision of this foundation is attractive and lofty but without the requisite attention and synergy from our communities we achieve minimal success, Mr Adekunle said.
He further said the foundation seek to attain its objective by creating and fostering a successful relationship with individual and communities in order to promote the well being of humanity by identifying peculiar problems , accelerating breakthrough solution, ideas and conversations such that are particularly beneficial to people within the Southwest.Furthermore the foundation are ready through the CEO and his Wife Dr and Mrs Olayinka Alausa to execute all our programs.
Dr and Mrs Olayinka Alausa are ready to give hope to the needy,and balance people and society.
The CEO and his wife are ready to give opportunity to those that deserve it and to bring civilization closer to our people,also to ensure every individual has a sense of belonging in the society and accelerate the development and progress of our society.
The CEO and his wife will be happy and willing to assist young people to realize their protentia.
Mr Adekunle also explain further to Mr Sulaimon Adegbenro that the foundation wants to use his program on Faaji Fm Radio Station ( Ojumo Alayo) to achieve some of it’s aim and objectives, because ,the program is educative ,entertaining etc.In this case, the foundation will like to use his program to boost the foundation more in terms of Publicity so that people across the state will benefit from the foundation.
After all the deliberations and discussions, Mr Sulaimon Adegbenro appreciated the publicity and media team of Omo Alausa foundation and also sent his greetings and Prayer to the CEO and his Wife Dr and Mrs Olayinka Alausa for standing up to improve the well-being of our people and the society in general, he said , May Almighty Allah increase his blessings, Mr Sulaimon Adegbenro also said “ He that impact in the life of others shall not be forgotten “May Almighty God increase the wealth of Dr and Mrs Olayinka Alausa…..Abudi ntolokun Abudi ntolosa Oke Oke Lowo Afunni ngbe,Owo yin a ma roke .
Mr Sulaimon Adegbenro Consoligbadun happily accept to work with The foundation in area of Media and publicity and also gave us professional advice that will help and boost the foundation and will make foundation to be known across the country.

Oyelara Saheed Adekunle
Director Media and Publicity
Omo Alausa foundation

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