Omo Alausa Foundation Celebrate Widows on International Widow’s Day.

(Hope is Certain)

International Widow’s Day 2021.

Invisible Women , Invisible Problems.

Dr. and Mrs. Alausa, The CEO of Omo Alausa Foundation Celebrate with all widows all over the world on this day 23rd of June 2021.

The purpose of celebrating International Widow’s day is the acknowledgement of the United Nations (UN ) that the care and welfare of widows is an extremely important duty.

That widows are invisible to policymakers. Policies focus upon common citizens, labourer, jobless youth and other suffering segment of society, how ever nothing is specifically discuss about widows in policy making meeting.

International Widow’s Day stress upon highlighting the issue of this ignored community to make the world sustainable.

Omo Alausa foundation wants the the world know the reason why International Widow’s Day is important.

Dr Alausa said, this will spread awarenes about the challenges widows face worldwide. It will also helps in finding ways to support the widows as part of our responsibilities.

This day helps the activist to urge policy maker to make policies in favor of widows in our community.

Dr. Olayinka Alausa the CEO of Omo Alausa Foundation said the International Widow’s Day is not a public holiday and public life stays normal on the day except for some seminars and other activites arrange by NGOs, Government Institution and UN.

Dr. Alausa said we can plan some idea which he raised few.

(1) Search for widows in your neighborhood and help them as much as you can, you can support them to sustain a good standard of living full of aspirations.

(2) Read articles about the miseries of widows and share them with your friend and followers.

(3) Spread awarenes about the importance of the day using the way of communication, likes of social media, electronic media or printing media.

Dr. and Mrs. Alausa wishes all the widows in the world life full of hope and purposes.

“May a man live well – Enough and long enough to leave a joyful widows behind”

Oyelara Saheed Adekunle
Director on Media and Publicity
Omo Alausa Foundation

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