APC Primaries: Wilson Chidozie Accused Of Presenting Fake WAEC Certificate


The list of Nigerian politicians who have presented fictitious certificates keeps stretching longer. It is, to put it mildly, shameful and humiliating. Nigerians are considered to be the finest educated black people in the world, according to one US report, and are among the most educated immigrants in the country, both vertically and horizontally – Nigerians are now ironically poster-characters for fraudulent certifications, 419 qualifications, and dubious academic affiliation, which is disgusting.

A shocking yet revealing discovery was made recently about Anambra governorship aspirant, Wilson Chidozie. The WAEC certificate of the CEO of a large Nigerian construction conglomerate, Wichtech, has been discovered to be fake.

The said WAEC certificate was issued in December 2004 which implies that Wilson Chidozie sat for his WAEC examinations at the age of 39. This is exceedingly improbable.

An in-depth research into his history and a thorough study of his biography in his recent publications indicate some mistiness around his secondary school education. None of the publications reveal that he ever sat for the West African Senior School Certificate Examination.

Furthermore, specialists who examined the certificate thoroughly found that multiple modifications had been done, and as a result, many of the details supplied on the certificate are suspicious. According to them, the name on the certificate looks to have been attached, and the passport image appears to be that of someone other than the certificate’s owner.

Wilson Chidozie has been unable to give an actual copy of his presumed WAEC certificate till now, confirming suspicions. In order to play on the intelligence of INEC officials, APC stakeholders, and the naive people of Anambra, all he had to display was a string of funny-looking photocopies. This is a heinous crime that might cast further doubt on other APC’s candidates for the Anambra 2021 gubernatorial elections.

He who seeks equity must do so with clean hands, hence anyone calling for free, fair, and credible APC primaries must first provide legitimate documents before being allowed to run. APC is anticipated to spring into action to protect the party’s image from such a heinous act.

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