Hon. Olanrewaju Micheal George appreciate Remo Fathers on Father’s Day.

My Fathers in Remo Federal Constituency What can I give to an awesome fabulous fathers you are, On a day like today when I am feeling very glad.

How can I repay a loving and giving fathers you are to me, you are always there for us even when you are down.

Where should I take such an amazing fathers who takes me everywhere and cheers me up when I am sad. Money can not buy all your worth to me and the entire Remo Federal Constituency. All fathers are raising leaders in their various capacity.

I sat and asked myself some questions likes of: Who constitutes a father, at what task makes it so? Does it happen slowly, or should we all just know?

Is a father there from birth, or can they join at a later date?
Do they have to be related, so many questions to debate.

Maybe there is a number, of diapers one has to change.
Can they be your favorite person, or must they be a little strange?

I think a father is someone, who loves unconditionally, there is no perfect formula to who a father can be. Every chance we get of course, but especially on Fathers Day!

Your daily prayers and words of encouragement channels ways of breakthrough to me always, I Olanrewaju Micheal George can not forget your love on me and all my activities in Remo Federal Constituency. All fathers in every household in Remo Federal Constituency are the secret of my happiness, I appreciate your kind gesture always. My prayer is that you will not labor in vain. May all your children be great in life.

Thank you Sirs.


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