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Dr. and Mrs. Olayinka Alausa lay down their Foundation in Lagos State for the development of the State.

Dr. and Mrs Olayinka Alausa agreed to run a Foundation called Omo Alausa Foundation in Lagos State for helping the average Lagosian that live with low standard of living and losing hope of living in the state. The slogan of the Foundation is Hope is Certain, with Green and Yellow Foundation official colour.

They held their first physical meeting on 19th of June, 2021 which was a great day and remarkable for all both the victual and physical gathering.

The Foundation records it’s members accros the 56 Local Government Development Areas within Lagos State.

The members that attended the first physical meeting were so happy for coming together to deliberate on how Omo Alausa Foundation will grow up and achieve it’s aim and objectives.

Series of questions were asked from members about the foundation and answer were given to all which all the members were satisfied.

Dr. Olayinka Alausa gave his welcome speech which motivated the members also brought joy to their faces.

Dr. Olayinka Alausa made it know to all the members through zoom discussion that the Foundation has come to stay and all the members should work hand to hand in order to make the Foundation grow and also make it achieve it’s Aims and Objectives.

Dr. Olayinka Alausa appreciate all the members present at the meeting and advice them all to go to their various Local Government Area and Local Government Development Area and made people know what Omo Alausa Foundation is all about.

Otunba Tiwalade Gabriel countinue from were the Dr. Alausa Olayinka stopped his speech also through Zoom. He thanks all the members present at the meeting and made them know what Omo Alausa Foundation stand for and what needed from them.

Joy role out and smiles full all the faces of every participants present at the meeting when a raffle draw were play and a lucky man won, also credit card were call for every fast finger.

Every body at the meeting also received a token courtesy of Dr. and Mrs. Olayinka Alausa as a gift to mark their wedding anniversary marked recently.

We appreciate you Sir
God bless you Sir.

You are the best.

We appreciate your help sir.

We are grateful sir.

We value the help you have given.

Thanks for the support.

This are all what all the members were saying after receiving all their gifts and a branded T-shirts and Customize Facecap….

Oyelara Saheed Adekunle
Director of New Media and Publicity.
Omo Alausa Foundation.

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