Buhari: Nigerians Love Me, That’s Why I’m Paying Them Back

President Muhammadu Buhari has said that he is committed to serving Nigerians because of the love the citizens have for him.

According to Buhari, providing adequate security and livelihood is a debt of gratitude he owed Nigerians for giving him the opportunity to serve.

Buhari spoke at the palace of the Shehu of Borno on Thursday, recalling how he started his administrative career as a military officer in Borno State as a governor for seven months.

“My commitment to serve Nigerians is a payback for the love shown to me. I started my political adventure in Maiduguri and I always look forward to coming here,” he added.

Speaking further, Buhari commended State Governor for his forthrightness, resilience and drive in bringing development to the state, despite security challenges.

The President noted that very few leaders will take the risks Governor Zulum had taken over the years to protect his people and promote peace and development, especially in putting his life on the line by spending nights with vulnerable people.

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