Anambra Monarchs To Okwuosa: “APGA Destroying The State Daily, Save Us”

The reign of the All Progressive Grand Alliance (APGA) in Anambra seems to have come to an end as Anambrarians protest against the party’s inactivity towards resolving the pending issues in the state.

IGBERETV reports that the party has had a strong footing in Anambra state for almost two decades but it has become clear that it is incapable of taking the state to a new level.

Concerned Anambrarians within the state, and in diaspora have aired their unhidden views to APC’s top candidate, Hon Azuka Okwuosa.

Hon Azuka Okwuosa, who has received numerous endorsements from state stakeholders, has repeatedly highlighted the lapses of the incumbent government. At the same time, he has unveiled practical plans to cover those lapses. Following the expression of his capacity to move Anambra forward, a group of traditional and youth leaders expressed their views during a closed door meeting with the Anambra APC governorship candidate, Okwuosa.

During the meeting, the traditional leaders raised their concerns about the dwindling condition of the state. The standard of living of the average Anambrarian has continued to decline, they explained. The complaints from the members of their community have become too much for them to bear. A traditional leader from Anambra South aired that several Anambrarians outside the country have called him to express their great displeasure in the direction of the state. They threatened to withdraw their involvement and support for the communities and the state if a worthwhile development is not noticed.

The leaders said they had put their confidence in a party that was believed to be a game changer for Anambrarians, but they have discovered that the party is too small to change the game. It has remained handicapped in defining moments, and it has caused the state to spiral downwards. The party leaders have used the loyalty of Anambrarians as a cover to milk the state of its ample resources. According to one of the youth leaders present, Anambra needs a trustworthy man in a capable party and Okwuosa is a man that fits the description perfectly. His capacity combined with the parties reach will bring in the much needed development.

Hon Azuka Okwuosa holds a record of being one of the first candidates to maintain that the party allegiance of Anambrarians is worsening the state of affairs in Anambra. He has rallied thousands of Anambrarians under the APC banner, to advocate for progress without sentiments. He is championing an APC ideology owned by ndi Igbo for ndi Igbo. It is an ideology that is fast gaining traction under his watch.

There is no question about Okwuosa’s ability to effectively run Anambra state. He is well versed in political administration and entrepreneurship. His experience in both the public and private sectors has earned him the respect of the electorate and stakeholders alike. As a leader who values accessibility to the people, he has positioned himself to listen to the opinions at the grassroot. According to him, Anambrarians are getting wiser and they are willing to let go of sentiments to vote for the man that will get the job done.

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