We Need Infrastructure, Investments, Let’s End Destruction — Sen. Kalu Pleads

Former governor of Abia, Orji Uzor Kalu has weighed in on the recent agitations for a sovereign state of Biafra, advising Igbos to embrace unity and be committed to one Nigeria.

In a statement via his social media page, Sen. Kalu, Chief Whip of the Nigerian Senate admonished Igbos and Nigerians, in general, to eschew all forms of violence and be mindful of utterances so as not to relive or pursue a repetition of the 1967 civil war.

“Whenever the 1967 – 1970 civil war is mentioned, it’s an emotive experience for any peace-loving Nigerian, not just an Igbo man. We should not either by words or actions pursue a repetition of that horrible genocide.

“We should come to understand that every war ends on a table.”

“Instead of destruction before coming to the table, is it not wiser to come to the table and avoid destruction? We need infrastructure, we need investments, we don’t need hostilities. So we are pleading with you to stop and embrace peace”.

Categories: Politics

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