June 12: Olanrewaju Michael George’s 2021 Democracy Day Message to the good people of Ogun State and Remo Federal Constituency.

I, Olanrewaju Michael George join with the great people of Ogun State and Remo Federal Constituency in commemorating Democracy Day on this day 12th of June, 2021.

One of the most profound and inspiring accounts that shall be written of our nation’s history will be the chapter on how we moved from the darkness of authoritarian military suppression into the light of democracy and the establishment of popular government based on the sovereign will of the people.

On this memorable day, we mark, with respect, and honor the sacrifices that have allowed democracy to come to pass.

We also celebrate in anticipation of a future in which our democratic institutions, concepts and practices take firmer root; transforming this society from what it is to what it can be.

Through it all, our gaze has remained fixed as if it were focused on a star in the firmament.

Our road has remained certain for it is the only road we can reasonably tread.

We have moved toward a better Ogun State, Remo Federal Constituency and a greater democracy.

Despite the challenges we face, and those that are serious, we must stand up for democracy lest we shall find ourselves falling to oblivion.

Democratic good governance offers the only reasonable breakthrough to the challenges facing the Nation.

On this day, let us remember MKO Abiola whose victory in the June 12th 1993 presidential election was stolen from him.

Yet he remained steadfast and surrendered his own life so that we all might enjoy the democratic victory that was taken from him.

Without his historic effort and sacrifice, this day would not be democracy day.

It would be a downcast and disappointing one. Let us also remember all others who also sacrificed so much to bring democracy to this land.

We stand for a better way. We celebrate Democracy Day not only because we have come far but to help give us the social fuel and encouragement to continue onward because we have farther to go and even greater things to achieve as one nation and one people.

Happy Democracy Day.

God bless Ogun State

God bless Remo Federal Constituency.

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