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Britain Warns Twitter & Facebook To Regulate Their Sites Content

Twitter Ban – Britain Follows Nigeria’s Lead and Warns Twitter, Facebook, TikTok, Instagram and YouTube To Regulate Their Sites Content

Nigeria Bans Twitter on Friday 4th June 2021, India writes letter to warn twitter to obey Indian laws on Sat 5th June, British Government writes to Twitter, Facebook and TikTok on Sat 5th June to regulate the content posted on their sites and from now on, the British National Crime Agency (NCA) will now work with tech companies to swiftly identify and remove dangerous content from their platforms (the same thing the Indian Govt is proposing to Twitter and all tech companies that want to keep operating in India)

The Indian Govt plans which some social media companies have already started implementing will mean twitter and co will be bound by law to identify the first person than creates a post on Twitter so that offensive and potentially dangerous posts can be traced back to the initial originator unlike now where inflammatory and potentially dangerous posts to national security is posted without any repercussions.

For once Nigeria led and the worlds largest democracy followed suit THE NEXT DAY and the father of all parliaments also followed suit THE NEXT DAY. Nigeria will rise again regardless of what its enemies are planning. God pass them and their sinister plans.

In the same British article below, a subsidiary of Facebook made £222 billion last year paid Zero corporation tax because the company is incorporated in Bermuda – a well known tax dodging haven used by criminals to hide their illicit wealth. but this is changing as the G7 meeting in the UK last week resolved to tax the Tech giants including Twitter and Facebook etc a minimum of 15% corporation tax and this will be adopted globally by all countries in the world and as long as you make a profit margin of 10% in a country you will have to pay 15% corporation tax on your profits to that country unlike before where you can hide behind off shore domicile in a Tax haven.

So Twitters Jack and his tax dodging billions can now have something to think about including paying their fair share of taxes to society and maybe Jack’s billionaire induced arrogance and veiled imperialist tendencies will now simmer down as one of their own – Britain – has followed Nigeria’s lead in clipping their arrogant, tax dodging and “unaccountable” wings / feathers and by the time Britain and other leading world powers finish with plucking Twitters feathers, he will no longer “unfairly” ridicule the President of the largest black nation on earth .


British Home Secretary Priti Patel blames Facebook, Twitter,TikTok, Instagram and YouTube for the soaring number of migrants trying to reach the UK in Dangerous High Sea Crossings as she orders social media giants to remove posts that ‘glamorise’ illegal Channel crossings

Priti Patel believes social media companies glamorise illegal Channel crossings
She has accused tech companies of using their services to advertise the trips
Criminal gangs also advertise services such as providing passports and visas

By Glen Owen for The Mail on Sunday

Published: 22:01, 5 June 2021 | Updated: 10:14, 6 June 2021

Priti Patel has ordered social media giants including Facebook and Twitter to remove posts that ‘glamorise’ illegal Channel crossings, The Mail on Sunday can reveal.

The Home Secretary’s action comes as the number of migrants trying to reach the UK soars again, and amid growing anger in Government that tech companies are allowing people-smugglers to use their platforms to advertise their criminal services. One video showing migrants travelling from Calais to Dover has been seen more than 800,000 times on Chinese-owned TikTok.

In the strongly worded letter which has been seen by this newspaper, Ms Patel asks the internet giants to ‘put an end to the exploitation of your platforms by criminals involved in organised immigration crime’ as more people than ever are making ‘incredibly dangerous journeys across the Channel’.

Trafficking gangs use the sites, which also include Instagram and YouTube, to advertise illegal boat crossings as well as fake passport and visa services. Ms Patel warns in her letter, which was sent yesterday : ‘Posts which promote and even glamorise these lethal and illegal crossings, either by boat or in the back of lorries, are totally unacceptable.

‘What these posts and adverts do not mention are the people who have died trying to make this crossing, or those forced to spend 13 hours in unseaworthy boats in freezing waters.’

In a powerful plea, she adds: ‘These adverts directly lead to loss of life and I implore you to do everything in your power to quickly and proactively remove posts related to illegal crossings before more men, women and children die in the Channel or on other illegal migration routes. Now is the time to act before it is too late.’

Ms Patel decided to act after being advised by the British National Crime Agency (NCA) that social media was playing an increasingly key role in the people-smuggling business.

Ms Patel’s intervention is a sign of a growing determination within Government to tackle the power and influence of tech giants.

Chancellor Rishi Sunak yesterday helped to broker a historic deal among the G7 countries with the world’s most advanced economies to stop companies such as Amazon, Facebook and Google from channelling their profits through low-tax regimes.

Under the deal, finance ministers agreed to set a global minimum corporation tax rate of 15 per cent in tandem with a measure to force global companies with at least a ten per cent profit margin to pay taxes in the countries where they sell their services.

It comes after a subsidiary of Microsoft was revealed last week to have paid zero corporation tax on £222 billion profit last year because it was resident in Bermuda for tax purposes.

Ms Patel decided to act after being advised by the National Crime Agency (NCA) that social media was playing an increasingly key role in the people-smuggling business. The British National Crime Agency will now work with tech companies to swiftly identify and remove content related to the migrant crossings. Fewer than half of posts targeted by the law enforcers have been taken down.

The Home Office is trying to combat the social media activities of the gangs by posting its own content on the platforms containing information on the safe alternative options available to migrants.

A spokesman for Facebook said: “People smuggling is illegal and any ads, posts, pages or groups that co-ordinate this activity are not allowed on Facebook. We will continue to work closely with law enforcement agencies around the world including the NCA and Europol to identify, remove and report this illegal activity.”

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